Name Description Size
AppUpdateUI.jsm 11980
AttachmentChecker.jsm Check whether the character is a CJK character or not. @return true if it is a CJK character. 4026
ConversationOpener.jsm 1696
DBViewWrapper.jsm Helper singleton for DBViewWrapper that tells instances when something interesting is happening to the folder(s) they care about. The rationale for this is to: - reduce listener overhead (although arguably the events we listen to are fairly rare) - make testing / verification easier by centralizing and exposing listeners. 77713
DisplayNameUtils.jsm Returns an object with two properties, .book and .card. If the email address is found in the address books, then the book will contain an nsIAbDirectory, and card will contain an nsIAbCard. If the email address is not found, both items will contain null. @param aEmailAddress The address to look for. @return An object with two properties, .book and .card. 5259
DNS.jsm This module is responsible for performing DNS queries using ctypes for loading system DNS libraries on Linux, Mac and Windows. 13663
ExtensionsUI.jsm This object is Thunderbird's version of the same object in browser/base/content/browser-addons.js. Firefox has one of these objects per window but Thunderbird has only one total, because we simply pick the most recent window for notifications, rather than the window related to a particular tab. 40215
ExtensionSupport.jsm Helper functions for use by extensions that should ease them plug into the application. 7748
GlobalPopupNotifications.jsm This file is a semi-fork of PopupNotifications.jsm 55671
MailConstants.jsm 418
MailConsts.jsm This is a place to store constants and enumerations that are needed only by JavaScript code, especially component/module code. 1343
MailE10SUtils.jsm 1766
MailMigrator.jsm This module handles migrating mail-specific preferences, etc. Migration has traditionally been a part of msgMail3PaneWindow.js, but separating the code out into a module makes unit testing much easier. 34029
MailUsageTelemetry.jsm -*- js-indent-level: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- 9049
MailUtils.jsm This module has several utility functions for use by both core and third-party code. Some functions are aimed at code that doesn't have a window context, while others can be used anywhere. 23680
MailViewManager.jsm Put the MailViewConstants in an object so we can export them to msgViewPickerOverlay in one blob without contaminating everyone's address space who might want to import us. 5566
MessageArchiver.jsm The maximum number of messages to try to examine directly to determine if they can be archived; if we exceed this count, we'll try to approximate the answer by looking at the server's identities. This is only here to let tests tweak the value. 12880 1219
MsgHdrSyntheticView.jsm This object provides you a way to have a synthetic nsIMsgDBView for a single message header. 1856
PhishingDetector.jsm Analyze the currently loaded message in the message pane, looking for signs of a phishing attempt. Also checks for forms with action URLs, which are disallowed. Assumes the message has finished loading in the message pane (i.e. OnMsgParsed has fired). @param {nsIMsgMailNewsUrl} aUrl Url for the message being analyzed. @param {Element} browser The browser element where the message is loaded. @return {boolean} Returns true if this does have phishing urls. Returns false if we do not check this message or the phishing message does not need to be displayed. 10642
QuickFilterManager.jsm Shallow object copy. 48200
SearchSpec.jsm Wrapper abstraction around a view's search session. This is basically a friend class of FolderDisplayWidget and is privy to some of its internals. 18846
SessionStore.jsm This is a shim for SessionStore in moz-central to prevent bug 1713801. Only the methods that appear to be hit by comm-central are implemented. 549
SessionStoreManager.jsm asuth arbitrarily chose this value to trade-off powersaving, processor usage, and recency of state in the face of the impossibility of our crashing; he also worded this. 8847
SummaryFrameManager.jsm The SummaryFrameManager manages the source attribute of iframes which can be multi-purposed. For example, the thread/multimessage summary and the folder summary both use it. The SummaryFrameManager takes care of causing the content file to be reloaded as necessary, and manages event handlers, so that the right callback is called when the specified document is loaded. @param aFrame the iframe that we're managing 3334
TagUtils.jsm Checks if black writing on 'aColor' background has enough contrast 3563
TBDistCustomizer.jsm 4976
UIDensity.jsm Set the UI density. @param {integer} mode - One of the MODE constants. 1766
UIFontSize.jsm Set the font size. @param {integer} size - The new size value. 1899
WindowsJumpLists.jsm Task list 5973