Name Description Size
components.conf 508
icons 455
matrix-sdk.sys.mjs Set of packages that have a top level index.js. This makes it so we don't even try to require them as a js file directly and just fall through to the index.js logic. These are paths without matrixPath in front. @type {Set<string>} 8340
matrix.sys.mjs 2294
matrixAccount.sys.mjs Homeserver information in client .well-known payload. @constant {string} 109219
matrixAccountLogger.sys.mjs Implementation of the Logger class from the matrix-js-sdk that logs using the IM account's logger. 1821
matrixCommands.sys.mjs Generates a string representing the required power level to send an event in a room. @param {string} eventType - Matrix event type. @param {number} userPower - Power level required to send the events. @returns {string} Human readable representation of the event type and its required power level. 15213
matrixMessageContent.sys.mjs Gets the user-consumable URI to an attachment from an mxc URI and potentially encrypted file. @param {IContent} content - Event content to get the attachment URL from. @param {string} homeserverUrl - Homeserver URL to load the attachment from. @returns {string} https or data URI to the attachment file. 13216
matrixPowerLevels.sys.mjs Turns a power level into a human readable string. Only exactly matching level names are returned, except for restricted power levels. @param {number} powerLevel - Power level to format. @param {number} [defaultLevel=0] - The default power level in the room. @returns {string} Representation of the power level including the raw level. 3014
matrixTextForEvent.sys.mjs Shared handler for verification requests. We need it twice because the request can be the msgtype of a normal message or its own event. @param {MatrixEvent} matrixEvent - Matrix Event this is handling. @param {{sender: string, content: object}} param1 - handler context. @returns {string} 12999 731