Name Description Size
chat-account-richlistitem.js global MozElements, MozXULElement, gAccountManager 11491
chat-tooltip.js global MozElements 19612
conv.html 228
conversation-browser.js global MozXULElement 28370
imAccountOptionsHelper.js Create a new label and a corresponding input. @param {string} aType - The input type ("number" or "text"). @param {string} aValue - The initial value for the input. @param {string} aLabel - The text for the label. @param {string} aName - The id for the input. @param {Element} grid - A container with a two column grid display to append the new elements to. 4344 633 256
otr-add-fingerprint.js 2346
otr-add-fingerprint.xhtml 2696
otr-auth.js 6766
otr-auth.xhtml 4428
otr-finger.js 3861
otr-finger.xhtml 1949
otrWorker.js eslint-env mozilla/chrome-worker, node 1781