Name Description Size This script can be used to build the message for the release in GitHub. It will fetch commits between two versions, make the diff and properly tag users with @mention. Contributors will be listed in the message, ignoring users emails that are listed in the 'author_exception_list'. The script can either be used with manual versions input, or the script can fetch latest released versions from the App Store. To use you first need to install python requirements through pip in your virtual environment. - python -m venv venv - source venv/bin/activate - pip install -r requirements.txt Then create a `` file that will contain the username and token to access GitHub API with format: ``` username = "username" token = "123456" ``` You can create a Github token following Once that's done, you can start using the script. Two versions can be passed in as arguments: - python -o 'oldVersion' -n 'newVersion' - python -o 107.3 -n 108.0 Or no versions can be passed in, and the script will retrieve the versions from the App Store (versions needs to be already released for this to work): - python 9919
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