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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Purpose: uplift (via cherry-picking) any missing commits from an l10n bot
# from 'MAIN_BRANCH' to a specified release branch.
# Usage examples: (append --verbose to print out detailed information)
# Dry-run (says what will happen, doesn't do any work): ./ releases/48.0
# Uplift, actually perform the work: ./ releases/48.0 --uplift
# Process multiple branches at once: ./ releases/48.0 releases/44.0 --uplift --verbose
# Note: there can often be conflicts between cherry-picks, to catch duplication errors, build after conflict resolution: ./gradlew assembleDebug
import subprocess
import argparse
# TODO don't forget to change this once we switch to 'main' or whatever other name.
def run_cmd_checked(*args, **kwargs):
"""Run a command, throwing an exception if it exits with non-zero status."""
kwargs["check"] = True
kwargs["capture_output"] = True
# beware! only run this script with inputs from a trusted, non-external source
kwargs["shell"] = True
return*args, **kwargs).stdout.decode()
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as err:
raise err
def uplift_commits(branch, verbose, uplift):
print(f"\nProcessing l10n commits for '{branch}'...")
# if necessary, this will setup 'branch' to track its upstream equivalent
run_cmd_checked([f"git checkout {branch}"])
# get l10n commits which happened on MAIN_BRANCH since 'branch' split off
commits_since_split = run_cmd_checked([f"git rev-list {branch}..{MAIN_BRANCH} --author={L10N_AUTHOR}"]).split()
# order commits by oldest-first, e.g. how we'd cherry pick them
print(f"Since '{branch}' split off '{MAIN_BRANCH}', there were {len(commits_since_split)} commit(s) from {L10N_AUTHOR}.")
if verbose:
print(f"\nHashes of those commits on '{MAIN_BRANCH}' are: {commits_since_split}\n")
# look for 'cherry picked' commits, and get the original commit hash from the commit message (as left by 'cherry-pick -x')
commits_already_uplifted = run_cmd_checked([f"git rev-list {MAIN_BRANCH}..{branch} --author={L10N_AUTHOR} --grep=\"cherry picked\" --pretty=%b | grep cherry | cut -d' ' -f5 | cut -c 1-40"]).split()
print(f"Of those, {len(commits_already_uplifted)} commit(s) already uplifted.")
if verbose:
print(f"Hashes of commits already uplifted to '{branch}': {commits_already_uplifted}\n")
commits_to_uplift = [commit for commit in commits_since_split if commit not in commits_already_uplifted]
print(f"Need to uplift {len(commits_to_uplift)} commit(s).")
if verbose:
print(f"Hashes of commits to uplift from '{MAIN_BRANCH}' to '{branch}': {commits_to_uplift}\n")
if len(commits_to_uplift) == 0:
print("Nothing to uplift.")
if uplift:
print(f"Uplifting (for real)...")
print(f"Uplifting (dry-run)...")
run_cmd_checked([f"git checkout {branch}"])
for commit in commits_to_uplift:
if verbose:
print(f"Cherry picking {commit} from '{MAIN_BRANCH}' to '{branch}'")
if uplift:
run_cmd_checked([f"git cherry-pick {commit} -x"])
if uplift:
print(f"Uplifted {len(commits_to_uplift)} commits from '{MAIN_BRANCH}' to '{branch}'")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=f"Uplift l10n commits from {MAIN_BRANCH} to specified branches")
'branches', nargs='+', type=str,
help='target branches, e.g. specific release branches')
'--verbose', default=False, action='store_true',
help='print out commit hashes and other detailed information'
'--uplift', default=False, action='store_true',
help='uplift l10n commits missing from specified branches (if not specified, dry-run is performed)'
args = parser.parse_args()
# remember the current branch, so that we can return to it once we're done.
current_branch = run_cmd_checked(["git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD"])
for branch in args.branches:
uplift_commits(branch, args.verbose, args.uplift)
# go back to the branch we were on before 'uplift_for_branches' ran
run_cmd_checked([f"git checkout {current_branch}"])