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# Contributing to Firefox Reality
Firefox Reality welcomes contribution from everyone. Here are the guidelines if you are thinking of helping us.
## Contributions
Contributions to Firefox Reality or its dependencies should be made in the form of GitHub pull requests. Each pull request will be reviewed by a core contributor(someone with permission to land patches) and either landed in the main tree or given feedback for changes that would be required. All contributions should follow this format, even those from core contributors.
Should you wish to work on an issue, please claim it first by commenting on the GitHub issue that you want to work on it. This prevents duplicate efforts from contributors on the same issue.
Head over to [Good First Bugs]( to find good first bugs to start with.
## Pull Request Checklist
- Branch from the [main]( branch and, if needed, [rebase]( to the current main branch before submitting your pull request. If it doesn't merge cleanly with main, you may be asked to [rebase]( your changes.
- Commits should be as small as possible, while ensuring that each commit is correct independently (i.e., each commit should compile and pass tests).
- If your patch is not getting reviewed or you need a specific person to review it, you can @-reply a reviewer asking for a review in the pull request or a comment.
For specific git instructions, see [GitHub workflow 101](