Name Description Size 975 1831 166 160 1859 1936 1148 11642 2035 28621 7882 12860 Iterates through the root_path, creating a list for each file and directory. Excludes any file paths ending with channel-prefs.js. 2980 17 17 Returns a normalized suffix, i.e. ensures it starts with a dot and doesn't starts or ends with whitespace characters 1256 applies expandlibs rules, and some more (see below) to a given command line, and executes that command line with the expanded arguments. With the --extract argument (useful for e.g. $(AR)), it extracts object files from static libraries (or use those listed in library descriptors directly). With the --uselist argument (useful for e.g. $(CC)), it replaces all object files with a list file. This can be used to avoid limitations in the length of a command line. The kind of list file format used depends on the EXPAND_LIBS_LIST_STYLE variable: 'list' for MSVC style lists (@file.list) or 'linkerscript' for GNU ld linker scripts. See for more details. With the --symbol-order argument, followed by a file name, it will add the relevant linker options to change the order in which the linker puts the symbols appear in the resulting binary. Only works for ELF targets. 15354 Given a list of object files and library names, prints a library descriptor to standard output 1453 Expandlibs is a system that allows to replace some libraries with a descriptor file containing some linking information about them. The descriptor file format is as follows: ---8<----- OBJS = a.o b.o ... LIBS = libfoo.a libbar.a ... --->8----- (In the example above, OBJ_SUFFIX is o and LIB_SUFFIX is a). Expandlibs also canonicalizes how to pass libraries to the linker, such that only the ${LIB_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${LIB_SUFFIX} form needs to be used: given a list of files, expandlibs will replace items with the form ${LIB_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${LIB_SUFFIX} following these rules: - If a ${DLL_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${DLL_SUFFIX} or ${DLL_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${IMPORT_LIB_SUFFIX} file exists, use that instead - If the ${LIB_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${LIB_SUFFIX} file exists, use it - If a ${LIB_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${LIB_SUFFIX}.${LIB_DESC_SUFFIX} file exists, replace ${LIB_PREFIX}${ROOT}.${LIB_SUFFIX} with the OBJS and LIBS the descriptor contains. And for each of these LIBS, also apply the same rules. 5509
external 9
faster 1 %prog: A test for OOM conditions in the shell. %prog finds segfaults and other errors caused by incorrect handling of allocation during OOM (out-of-memory) conditions. 11224
gcc_hidden.h Begin all files as hidden visibility 285
gcc-stl-wrapper.template.h 2326
install.bat 279 1330 #pragma GCC system_header #pragma GCC visibility push(default) #include_next <%(header)s> #pragma GCC visibility pop 797 1379
makefiles 8
milestone.txt 333
Moz 1 2473 Helper to make python unit tests report the way that the Mozilla unit test infrastructure expects tests to report. Usage: import mozunit if __name__ == '__main__': mozunit.main() 7489 Class with methods to open, read, write, close, list zip files. Subclassing zipfile.ZipFile to allow for overwriting of existing entries, though only for writestr, not for write. 5005
msvc-stl-wrapper.template.h 2607
nsinstall.c Netscape portable install command. * * Brendan Eich, 7/20/95 10942 6335
pathsub.c Pathname subroutines. * * Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 3912
pathsub.h Pathname subroutines. * * Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 1140 767 Returns the prerelease suffix from the version string argument 963 Run a python script, adding extra directories to the python path. 1305 1208 6456 52629 727
stl-headers.mozbuild 1427
system-headers.mozbuild 29159
tests 13 11575 1365