Name Description Size 1003
nsChromeProtocolHandler.cpp A protocol handler for ``chrome:'' 6208
nsChromeProtocolHandler.h 61ba33c0-3031-11d3-8cd0-0060b0fc14a3 1133
nsChromeRegistry.cpp 19272
nsChromeRegistry.h 5725
nsChromeRegistryChrome.cpp Match the language-part of two lang-COUNTRY codes, hopefully but not guaranteed to be in the form ab-CD or abz-CD. "ab" should also work, any other garbage-in will produce undefined results as long as it does not crash. 27033
nsChromeRegistryChrome.h 6034
nsChromeRegistryContent.cpp 8143
nsChromeRegistryContent.h 3491
nsIChromeRegistry.idl Resolve a chrome URL to an loadable URI using the information in the registry. Does not modify aChromeURL. Chrome URLs are allowed to be specified in "shorthand", leaving the "file" portion off. In that case, the URL is expanded to: chrome://package/provider/package.ext where "ext" is: "xul" for a "content" package, "css" for a "skin" package, and "dtd" for a "locale" package. @param aChromeURL the URL that is to be converted. 3741
nsIToolkitChromeRegistry.idl If the OS has a "high-visibility" or "disabled-friendly" theme set, we want to force mozilla into the classic theme, which (for the most part obeys the system color/font settings. We cannot do this at initialization, because it depends on the toolkit (GTK2) being initialized, which is not the case in some embedding situations. Embedders have to manually call this method during the startup process. 1121
RegistryMessageUtils.h 5367
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