Name Description Size 453 This module contains the xpcom interfaces exposed to rust code. The items in this module come in a few flavours: 1. `nsI*`: These are the types for XPCOM interfaces. They should always be passed behind a reference, pointer, or `RefPtr`. They may be coerced to their base interfaces using the `coerce` method. 2. `nsI*Coerce`: These traits provide the implementation mechanics for the `coerce` method, and can usually be ignored. *These traits are hidden in rustdoc* 3. `nsI*VTable`: These structs are the vtable definitions for each type. They contain the base interface's vtable, followed by pointers for each of the vtable's methods. If direct access is needed, a `*const nsI*` can be safely transmuted to a `*const nsI*VTable`. *These structs are hidden in rustdoc* 4. Typedefs used in idl file definitions. 1271 This module contains definitions of interfaces which are used in idl files as forward declarations, but are not actually defined in an idl file. NOTE: The IIDs in these files must be kept in sync with the IDL definitions in the corresponding C++ files. 4122