Name Description Size
EHABIStackWalk.cpp This is an implementation of stack unwinding according to a subset of the ARM Exception Handling ABI, as described in: This handles only the ARM-defined "personality routines" (chapter 9), and don't track the value of FP registers, because profiling needs only chain of PC/SP values. Because the exception handling info may not be accurate for all possible places where an async signal could occur (e.g., in a prologue or epilogue), this bounds-checks all stack accesses. This file uses "struct" for structures in the exception tables and "class" otherwise. We should avoid violating the C++11 standard-layout rules in the former. 17726
EHABIStackWalk.h This is an implementation of stack unwinding according to a subset of the ARM Exception Handling ABI; see the comment at the top of the .cpp file for details. 834
ETWTools.cpp 2460
memory_hooks.cpp 22668
memory_hooks.h 711
MicroGeckoProfiler.cpp 8279
PageInformation.cpp 1926
PageInformation.h 2535
platform-linux-android.cpp 24385
platform-macos.cpp static 10982
platform-win32.cpp static 18180
platform.cpp 288353
platform.h 15331
PlatformMacros.h ndef PLATFORM_MACROS_H 3665
PowerCounters-android.cpp The following declarations come from the dlext.h header (not in the ndk).;drc=655e430b28d7404f763e7ebefe84fba5a387666d 6040
PowerCounters-linux.cpp 8063
PowerCounters-mac-amd64.cpp DIAG_ALL_PMCS 14199
PowerCounters-mac-arm64.cpp 1226
PowerCounters-win.cpp 9816
PowerCounters.h These declarations come from:;l=34-52;drc=1777bdef274bcfbccd4e6f8b6d00a1bac48a8645 2573
ProfileAdditionalInformation.cpp 3611
ProfileBuffer.cpp static 8658
ProfileBuffer.h 11521
ProfileBufferEntry.cpp 84123
ProfileBufferEntry.h 17925
ProfiledThreadData.cpp 17430
ProfiledThreadData.h 10500
ProfilerBacktrace.cpp = nullptr 4299
ProfilerBacktrace.h 6608
ProfilerBindings.cpp FFI functions for Profiler Rust API to call into profiler 14925
ProfilerCodeAddressService.cpp 2605
ProfilerCPUFreq-linux-android.cpp 1755
ProfilerCPUFreq-win.cpp 8618
ProfilerCPUFreq.h ndef TOOLS_PROFILERCPUFREQ_H_ 1634
ProfilerMarkers.cpp 1610
ProfilerThreadRegistration.cpp static 7949
ProfilerThreadRegistrationData.cpp 11161
ProfilerThreadRegistry.cpp static 1334
ProfilerUtils.cpp 3709 8873 6944 5775
VTuneProfiler.cpp 2403
VTuneProfiler.h VTuneProfiler_h 2428