Name Description Size
EHABIStackWalk.cpp This is an implementation of stack unwinding according to a subset of the ARM Exception Handling ABI, as described in: This handles only the ARM-defined "personality routines" (chapter 9), and don't track the value of FP registers, because profiling needs only chain of PC/SP values. Because the exception handling info may not be accurate for all possible places where an async signal could occur (e.g., in a prologue or epilogue), this bounds-checks all stack accesses. This file uses "struct" for structures in the exception tables and "class" otherwise. We should avoid violating the C++11 standard-layout rules in the former. 17726
EHABIStackWalk.h This is an implementation of stack unwinding according to a subset of the ARM Exception Handling ABI; see the comment at the top of the .cpp file for details. 834
memory_hooks.cpp 22508
memory_hooks.h 711
MicroGeckoProfiler.cpp 7450
PageInformation.cpp 1926
PageInformation.h 2535
platform-linux-android.cpp 23982
platform-macos.cpp static 10730
platform-win32.cpp static 18332
platform.cpp 275763
platform.h 15331
PlatformMacros.h ndef PLATFORM_MACROS_H 3665
PowerCounters-linux.cpp 8218
PowerCounters-mac-amd64.cpp DIAG_ALL_PMCS 13441
PowerCounters-mac-arm64.cpp 1383
PowerCounters-win.cpp 10742
PowerCounters.h ndef TOOLS_POWERCOUNTERS_H_ 1274
ProfileAdditionalInformation.cpp 3800
ProfileBuffer.cpp static 8538
ProfileBuffer.h 11452
ProfileBufferEntry.cpp 85080
ProfileBufferEntry.h 17884
ProfiledThreadData.cpp 17430
ProfiledThreadData.h 10500
ProfilerBacktrace.cpp = nullptr 4299
ProfilerBacktrace.h 6608
ProfilerBindings.cpp FFI functions for Profiler Rust API to call into profiler 14552
ProfilerCodeAddressService.cpp 2605
ProfilerMarkers.cpp 1595
ProfilerThreadRegistration.cpp static 7949
ProfilerThreadRegistrationData.cpp 11161
ProfilerThreadRegistry.cpp static 1334
ProfilerUtils.cpp 3709 8857 6944 6544
VTuneProfiler.cpp 2403
VTuneProfiler.h VTuneProfiler_h 2428