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target: obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
# It is used by 'mach static-analysis' and 'mozreview static-analysis bot'
# in order to have consistency across the used checkers.
- linux64
# no issues were ever trigger by this
- name: check-nullable
publish: !!bool no
- name: biabduction
publish: !!bool yes
# very very noisy
# it could be useful, but it won't be part of the default enabled checkers
- name: eradicate
publish: !!bool no
# hard to use, not useful
- name: quandary
publish: !!bool no
- name: starvation
publish: !!bool yes
# experimental
- name: litho
publish: !!bool no
- name: racerd
publish: !!bool yes
# I think this is only for c++, can't trigger these errors in Java
- name: liveness
publish: !!bool no
# Third party files from mozilla-central
third_party: tools/rewriting/ThirdPartyPaths.txt
generated: tools/rewriting/Generated.txt