Name Description Size Make it easy to install and run [browsertime]( Browsertime is a harness for running performance tests, similar to Mozilla's Raptor testing framework. Browsertime is written in Node.js and uses Selenium WebDriver to drive multiple browsers including Chrome, Chrome for Android, Firefox, and (pending the resolution of [Bug 1525126]( and similar tickets) Firefox for Android and GeckoView-based vehicles. Right now a custom version of browsertime and the underlying geckodriver binary are needed to support GeckoView-based vehicles; this module accommodates those in-progress custom versions. To get started, run ``` ./mach browsertime --setup [--clobber] ``` This will populate `tools/browsertime/node_modules`. To invoke browsertime, run ``` ./mach browsertime [ARGS] ``` All arguments are passed through to browsertime. 23522 349
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