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.eslintrc.js 831
AbuseReporter.sys.mjs Create an error info string from a fetch response object. @param {Response} response A fetch response object to convert into an errorInfo string. @returns {Promise<string>} The errorInfo string to be included in an AbuseReportError. 21891
AddonContentPolicy.cpp Enforces content policies for WebExtension scopes. Currently: - Prevents loading scripts with a non-default JavaScript version. - Checks custom content security policies for sufficiently stringent script-src and other script-related directives. - We also used to validate object-src similarly to script-src, but that was dropped because NPAPI plugins are no longer supported (see bug 1766881). 15807
AddonContentPolicy.h 665
AddonManager.sys.mjs 164676
AddonManagerStartup-inlines.h Object iterator base classes *************************************************************************** 5960
AddonManagerStartup.cpp URI utils *************************************************************************** 25787
AddonManagerStartup.h 1594
AddonManagerWebAPI.cpp unused 4811
AddonManagerWebAPI.h 797
amContentHandler.sys.mjs Handles a new request for an application/x-xpinstall file. @param aMimetype The mimetype of the file @param aContext The context passed to nsIChannel.asyncOpen @param aRequest The nsIRequest dealing with the content 3272
amIAddonManagerStartup.idl Reads and parses startup data from the addonState.json.lz4 file, checks for modifications, and returns the result. Returns null for an empty or nonexistent state file, but throws for an invalid one. 3070
amInstallTrigger.sys.mjs 8288
amIWebInstallPrompt.idl amIWebInstallPrompt is used, if available, by the default implementation of amIWebInstallInfo to display a confirmation UI to the user before running installs. 987
amManager.sys.mjs This component serves as integration between the platform and AddonManager. It is responsible for initializing and shutting down the AddonManager as well as passing new installs from webpages to the AddonManager. 10492
amWebAPI.sys.mjs Helper to implement an asychronous method visible to content, where the method is implemented by sending a message to the parent process and then wrapping the returned object or error in an appropriate object. This helper method ensures that: - Returned Promise objects are from the content window - Rejected Promises have Error objects from the content window - Only non-internal errors are exposed to the caller @param {string} apiRequest The command to invoke in the parent process. @param {array<cloneable>} apiArgs The arguments to include with the request to the parent process. @param {function} resultConvert If provided, a function called with the result from the parent process as an argument. Used to convert the result into something appropriate for content. @returns {Promise<any>} A Promise suitable for passing directly to content. 8323
Blocklist.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 48845
components.conf 1782
extensions.manifest 450 Returns the nearest parent of `path` which is an immediate child of `base` 2579
internal 1737
LightweightThemeManager.sys.mjs Returns the currently active theme, taking the fallback theme into account if we'd be using the default theme otherwise. This will always return the original theme data and not make use of locally persisted resources. 1072
metrics.yaml 11949 2411