Name Description Size
arrowscrollbox.js 0 indicates there is no pending request 25641
autocomplete-input.js This path is only used in tests, we have the <popupset> and <panel> in document for other usages 17473
autocomplete-popup.js This is the default number of rows that we give the autocomplete popup when the textbox doesn't have a "maxrows" attribute for us to use. 20701
autocomplete-richlistitem.js This overrides listitem's mousedown handler because we want to set the selected item even when the shift or accel keys are pressed. 27407
browser-custom-element.js These are managed by the tabbrowser: 57194
button.js While it would seem we could do this by handling oncommand, we can't because any external oncommand handlers might get called before ours, and then they would see the incorrect value of checked. Additionally a command attribute would redirect the command events anyway. 8960
calendar.js Initialize the Calendar and generate nodes for week headers and days, and attach event listeners. @param {Object} options { {Number} calViewSize: Number of days to appear on a calendar view {Function} getDayString: Transform day number to string {Function} getWeekHeaderString: Transform day of week number to string {Function} setSelection: Set selection for dateKeeper } @param {Object} context { {DOMElement} weekHeader {DOMElement} daysView } 4811
checkbox.js 2303
datekeeper.js DateKeeper keeps track of the date states. 10715
datepicker.js import-globals-from datekeeper.js 12009
datetimebox.css 1294
datetimebox.js This is the class of entry. It will construct the actual implementation according to the value of the "type" property. 48679
dialog.js 15906
docs 2
editor.js globals XULFrameElement 6056
findbar.js Please keep in sync with toolkit/modules/FindBarContent.jsm 46398
general.js 2248
marquee.css 672
marquee.js This is the class of entry. It will construct the actual implementation according to the value of the "direction" property. 11980
menu.js 15815
menulist.js 11078
menupopup.js Adds event listeners for a MozMenuPopup inside a menulist element. 7696
moz-input-box.js 8058
notificationbox.js Creates a new class to handle a notification box, but does not add any elements to the DOM until a notification has to be displayed. @param insertElementFn Called with the "notification-stack" element as an argument when the first notification has to be displayed. 15346
panel.js 9527
pluginProblem.js 1780
popupnotification.js 6756
radio.js keyboard navigation Here's how keyboard navigation works in radio groups on Windows: The group takes 'focus' The user is then free to navigate around inside the group using the arrow keys. Accessing previous or following radio buttons is done solely through the arrow keys and not the tab button. Tab takes you to the next widget in the tab order 15735
richlistbox.js XUL:richlistbox element. 29388
search-textbox.js 6815
spinner.js The spinner is responsible for displaying the items, and does not care what the values represent. The setValue function is called when it detects a change in value triggered by scroll event. Supports scrolling, clicking on up or down, clicking on item, and dragging. 17808
stringbundle.js 1921
tabbox.js 22329
text.js 11258
timekeeper.js TimeKeeper keeps track of the time states. Given min, max, step, and format (12/24hr), TimeKeeper will determine the ranges of possible selections, and whether or not the current time state is out of range or off step. @param {Object} props { {Date} min {Date} max {Number} step {String} format: Either "12" or "24" } 12187
timepicker.js import-globals-from timekeeper.js 8522
toolbarbutton.js 6462
tree.js globals XULTreeElement 46867
videocontrols.js This is the class of entry. It will construct the actual implementation according to the value of the "controls" property. 115102
wizard.js XXX(ntim): We import button.css here for the wizard-buttons children This won't be needed after bug 1624888. 19642