Name Description Size
MessagePort.sys.mjs A message port sits on each side of the process boundary for every remote page. Each has a port ID that is unique to the message manager it talks through. We roughly implement the same contract as nsIMessageSender and nsIMessageListenerManager 7247 555
RemotePageManagerChild.sys.mjs 2550
RemotePageManagerParent.sys.mjs Using the RemotePageManager: * Create a new page listener by calling 'new RemotePages(URI)' which then injects functions like RPMGetBoolPref() into the registered page. One can then use those exported functions to communicate between child and parent. * When adding a new consumer of RPM that relies on other functionality then simple message passing provided by the RPM, then one has to whitelist permissions for the new URI within the RPMAccessManager from MessagePort.jsm. 9733