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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef nsNavHistory_h_
#define nsNavHistory_h_
#include "nsINavHistoryService.h"
#include "nsIStringBundle.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"
#include "nsMaybeWeakPtr.h"
#include "nsCategoryCache.h"
#include "nsNetCID.h"
#include "nsToolkitCompsCID.h"
#include "nsURIHashKey.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "nsNavHistoryResult.h"
#include "nsNavHistoryQuery.h"
#include "Database.h"
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/intl/Collator.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "mozIStorageVacuumParticipant.h"
// Clamp title and URL to generously large, but not too large, length.
// See bug 319004 for details.
#define URI_LENGTH_MAX 65536
#define TITLE_LENGTH_MAX 4096
// Microsecond timeout for "recent" events such as typed and bookmark following.
// If you typed it more than this time ago, it's not recent.
#define RECENT_EVENT_THRESHOLD PRTime((int64_t)15 * 60 * PR_USEC_PER_SEC)
// The preference we watch to know when the mobile bookmarks folder is filled by
// sync.
#define MOBILE_BOOKMARKS_PREF "browser.bookmarks.showMobileBookmarks"
// The guid of the mobile bookmarks virtual query.
#define MOBILE_BOOKMARKS_VIRTUAL_GUID "mobile_____v"
#define ROOT_GUID "root________"
#define MENU_ROOT_GUID "menu________"
#define TOOLBAR_ROOT_GUID "toolbar_____"
#define UNFILED_ROOT_GUID "unfiled_____"
#define TAGS_ROOT_GUID "tags________"
#define MOBILE_ROOT_GUID "mobile______"
class mozIStorageValueArray;
class nsIAutoCompleteController;
class nsIEffectiveTLDService;
class nsIIDNService;
class nsNavHistory;
class PlacesSQLQueryBuilder;
// nsNavHistory
class nsNavHistory final : public nsSupportsWeakReference,
public nsINavHistoryService,
public nsIObserver,
public mozIStorageVacuumParticipant {
friend class PlacesSQLQueryBuilder;
* Obtains the nsNavHistory object.
static already_AddRefed<nsNavHistory> GetSingleton();
* Initializes the nsNavHistory object. This should only be called once.
nsresult Init();
* Used by other components in the places directory such as the annotation
* service to get a reference to this history object. Returns a pointer to
* the service if it exists. Otherwise creates one. Returns nullptr on error.
static nsNavHistory* GetHistoryService() {
if (!gHistoryService) {
nsCOMPtr<nsINavHistoryService> serv =
NS_ENSURE_TRUE(serv, nullptr);
NS_ASSERTION(gHistoryService, "Should have static instance pointer now");
return gHistoryService;
* Used by other components in the places directory to get a reference to a
* const version of this history object.
* @return A pointer to a const version of the service if it exists,
* nullptr otherwise.
static const nsNavHistory* GetConstHistoryService() {
const nsNavHistory* const history = gHistoryService;
return history;
* Fetches the database id and the GUID associated to the given URI.
* @param aURI
* The page to look for.
* @param _pageId
* Will be set to the database id associated with the page.
* If the page doesn't exist, this will be zero.
* @param _GUID
* Will be set to the unique id associated with the page.
* If the page doesn't exist, this will be empty.
* @note This DOES NOT check for bad URLs other than that they're nonempty.
nsresult GetIdForPage(nsIURI* aURI, int64_t* _pageId, nsCString& _GUID);
* Fetches the database id and the GUID associated to the given URI, creating
* a new database entry if one doesn't exist yet.
* @param aURI
* The page to look for or create.
* @param _pageId
* Will be set to the database id associated with the page.
* @param _GUID
* Will be set to the unique id associated with the page.
* @note This DOES NOT check for bad URLs other than that they're nonempty.
* @note This DOES NOT update frecency of the page.
nsresult GetOrCreateIdForPage(nsIURI* aURI, int64_t* _pageId,
nsCString& _GUID);
* Asynchronously recalculates frecency for a given page.
* @param aPlaceId
* Place id to recalculate the frecency for.
* @note If the new frecency is a non-zero value it will also unhide the page,
* otherwise will reuse the old hidden value.
nsresult UpdateFrecency(int64_t aPlaceId);
* These functions return non-owning references to the locale-specific
* objects for places components.
nsIStringBundle* GetBundle();
const mozilla::intl::Collator* GetCollator();
void GetStringFromName(const char* aName, nsACString& aResult);
void GetAgeInDaysString(int32_t aInt, const char* aName, nsACString& aResult);
static void GetMonthName(const PRExplodedTime& aTime, nsACString& aResult);
static void GetMonthYear(const PRExplodedTime& aTime, nsACString& aResult);
// Returns whether history is enabled or not.
bool IsHistoryDisabled() { return !mHistoryEnabled; }
// Returns whether or not diacritics must match in history text searches.
bool MatchDiacritics() const { return mMatchDiacritics; }
// Constants for the columns returned by the above statement.
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_PageID;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_URL;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_Title;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_RevHost;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_VisitCount;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_VisitDate;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_FaviconURL;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_ItemId;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_ItemDateAdded;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_ItemLastModified;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_ItemParentId;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_ItemTags;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_Frecency;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_Hidden;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_Guid;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_VisitId;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_FromVisitId;
static const int32_t kGetInfoIndex_VisitType;
int64_t GetTagsFolder();
// this actually executes a query and gives you results, it is used by
// nsNavHistoryQueryResultNode
nsresult GetQueryResults(nsNavHistoryQueryResultNode* aResultNode,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQuery>& aQuery,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQueryOptions>& aOptions,
nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>* aResults);
// Take a row of kGetInfoIndex_* columns and construct a ResultNode.
// The row must contain the full set of columns.
nsresult RowToResult(mozIStorageValueArray* aRow,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aResult);
nsresult QueryRowToResult(int64_t aItemId, const nsACString& aBookmarkGuid,
const nsACString& aURI, const nsACString& aTitle,
uint32_t aAccessCount, PRTime aTime,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aNode);
nsresult VisitIdToResultNode(int64_t visitId,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aResult);
nsresult BookmarkIdToResultNode(int64_t aBookmarkId,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aResult);
nsresult URIToResultNode(nsIURI* aURI, nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aResult);
* Returns current number of days stored in history.
int32_t GetDaysOfHistory();
void DomainNameFromURI(nsIURI* aURI, nsACString& aDomainName);
static PRTime NormalizeTime(uint32_t aRelative, PRTime aOffset);
typedef nsTHashMap<nsCStringHashKey, nsCString> StringHash;
enum RecentEventFlags {
RECENT_TYPED = 1 << 0, // User typed in URL recently
RECENT_ACTIVATED = 1 << 1, // User tapped URL link recently
RECENT_BOOKMARKED = 1 << 2 // User bookmarked URL recently
* Returns any recent activity done with a URL.
* @return Any recent events associated with this URI. Each bit is set
* according to RecentEventFlags enum values.
uint32_t GetRecentFlags(nsIURI* aURI);
* Whether there are visits.
* Note: This may cause synchronous I/O.
bool hasHistoryEntries();
* Returns whether the specified url has a embed visit.
* @param aURI
* URI of the page.
* @return whether the page has a embed visit.
bool hasEmbedVisit(nsIURI* aURI);
int32_t GetFrecencyAgedWeight(int32_t aAgeInDays) const {
if (aAgeInDays <= mFirstBucketCutoffInDays) {
return mFirstBucketWeight;
if (aAgeInDays <= mSecondBucketCutoffInDays) {
return mSecondBucketWeight;
if (aAgeInDays <= mThirdBucketCutoffInDays) {
return mThirdBucketWeight;
if (aAgeInDays <= mFourthBucketCutoffInDays) {
return mFourthBucketWeight;
return mDefaultWeight;
int32_t GetFrecencyBucketWeight(int32_t aBucketIndex) const {
switch (aBucketIndex) {
case 1:
return mFirstBucketWeight;
case 2:
return mSecondBucketWeight;
case 3:
return mThirdBucketWeight;
case 4:
return mFourthBucketWeight;
return mDefaultWeight;
int32_t GetFrecencyTransitionBonus(int32_t aTransitionType, bool aVisited,
bool aRedirect = false) const {
if (aRedirect) {
return mRedirectSourceVisitBonus;
switch (aTransitionType) {
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_EMBED:
return mEmbedVisitBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_FRAMED_LINK:
return mFramedLinkVisitBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_LINK:
return mLinkVisitBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_TYPED:
return aVisited ? mTypedVisitBonus : mUnvisitedTypedBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_BOOKMARK:
return aVisited ? mBookmarkVisitBonus : mUnvisitedBookmarkBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_DOWNLOAD:
return mDownloadVisitBonus;
return mPermRedirectVisitBonus;
return mTempRedirectVisitBonus;
case nsINavHistoryService::TRANSITION_RELOAD:
return mReloadVisitBonus;
// 0 == undefined (see bug #375777 for details)
"new transition but no bonus for frecency");
return mDefaultVisitBonus;
int32_t GetNumVisitsForFrecency() const { return mNumVisitsForFrecency; }
* Updates and invalidates the mDaysOfHistory cache. Should be
* called whenever a visit is added.
void UpdateDaysOfHistory(PRTime visitTime);
* Returns true if frecency is currently being decayed.
* @return True if frecency is being decayed, false if not.
bool IsFrecencyDecaying() const;
* Store last insterted id for a table.
static mozilla::Atomic<int64_t> sLastInsertedPlaceId;
static mozilla::Atomic<int64_t> sLastInsertedVisitId;
static void StoreLastInsertedId(const nsACString& aTable,
const int64_t aLastInsertedId);
static nsresult FilterResultSet(
nsNavHistoryQueryResultNode* aParentNode,
const nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>& aSet,
nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>* aFiltered,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQuery>& aQuery,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions);
void DecayFrecencyCompleted();
static void InvalidateDaysOfHistory();
// used by GetHistoryService
static nsNavHistory* gHistoryService;
static mozilla::Atomic<int32_t> sDaysOfHistory;
// Database handle.
RefPtr<mozilla::places::Database> mDB;
* Loads all of the preferences that we use into member variables.
* @note If mPrefBranch is nullptr, this does nothing.
void LoadPrefs();
* Calculates and returns value for mCachedNow.
* This is an hack to avoid calling PR_Now() too often, as is the case when
* we're asked the ageindays of many history entries in a row. A timer is
* set which will clear our valid flag after a short timeout.
PRTime GetNow();
PRTime mCachedNow;
nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mExpireNowTimer;
* Called when the cached now value is expired and needs renewal.
static void expireNowTimerCallback(nsITimer* aTimer, void* aClosure);
nsresult ConstructQueryString(
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQuery>& aQuery,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQueryOptions>& aOptions, nsCString& queryString,
bool& aParamsPresent, StringHash& aAddParams);
nsresult QueryToSelectClause(const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQuery>& aQuery,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQueryOptions>& aOptions,
nsCString* aClause);
nsresult BindQueryClauseParameters(
mozIStorageBaseStatement* statement,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQuery>& aQuery,
const RefPtr<nsNavHistoryQueryOptions>& aOptions);
nsresult ResultsAsList(mozIStorageStatement* statement,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>* aResults);
// effective tld service
nsCOMPtr<nsIEffectiveTLDService> mTLDService;
nsCOMPtr<nsIIDNService> mIDNService;
// localization
nsCOMPtr<nsIStringBundle> mBundle;
mozilla::UniquePtr<const mozilla::intl::Collator> mCollator;
// recent events
typedef nsTHashMap<nsCStringHashKey, int64_t> RecentEventHash;
RecentEventHash mRecentTyped;
RecentEventHash mRecentLink;
RecentEventHash mRecentBookmark;
bool CheckIsRecentEvent(RecentEventHash* hashTable, const nsACString& url);
void ExpireNonrecentEvents(RecentEventHash* hashTable);
// Whether history is enabled or not.
// Will mimic value of the places.history.enabled preference.
bool mHistoryEnabled;
// Whether or not diacritics must match in history text searches.
// Will mimic value of the preference.
bool mMatchDiacritics;
// Frecency preferences.
int32_t mNumVisitsForFrecency;
int32_t mFirstBucketCutoffInDays;
int32_t mSecondBucketCutoffInDays;
int32_t mThirdBucketCutoffInDays;
int32_t mFourthBucketCutoffInDays;
int32_t mFirstBucketWeight;
int32_t mSecondBucketWeight;
int32_t mThirdBucketWeight;
int32_t mFourthBucketWeight;
int32_t mDefaultWeight;
int32_t mEmbedVisitBonus;
int32_t mFramedLinkVisitBonus;
int32_t mLinkVisitBonus;
int32_t mTypedVisitBonus;
int32_t mBookmarkVisitBonus;
int32_t mDownloadVisitBonus;
int32_t mPermRedirectVisitBonus;
int32_t mTempRedirectVisitBonus;
int32_t mRedirectSourceVisitBonus;
int32_t mDefaultVisitBonus;
int32_t mUnvisitedBookmarkBonus;
int32_t mUnvisitedTypedBonus;
int32_t mReloadVisitBonus;
uint32_t mDecayFrecencyPendingCount;
nsresult RecalculateOriginFrecencyStatsInternal();
// in nsNavHistoryQuery.cpp
nsresult TokensToQuery(
const nsTArray<mozilla::places::QueryKeyValuePair>& aTokens,
nsNavHistoryQuery* aQuery, nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions);
int64_t mTagsFolder;
int64_t mLastCachedStartOfDay;
int64_t mLastCachedEndOfDay;
#define PLACES_URI_PREFIX "place:"
/* Returns true if the given URI represents a history query. */
inline bool IsQueryURI(const nsCString& uri) {
return StringBeginsWith(uri, nsLiteralCString(PLACES_URI_PREFIX));
/* Extracts the query string from a query URI. */
inline const nsDependentCSubstring QueryURIToQuery(const nsCString& uri) {
NS_ASSERTION(IsQueryURI(uri), "should only be called for query URIs");
return Substring(uri, nsLiteralCString(PLACES_URI_PREFIX).Length());
#endif // nsNavHistory_h_