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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef nsNavBookmarks_h_
#define nsNavBookmarks_h_
#include "nsINavBookmarksService.h"
#include "nsNavHistory.h"
#include "nsToolkitCompsCID.h"
#include "nsCategoryCache.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "prtime.h"
class nsNavBookmarks;
namespace mozilla {
namespace places {
enum BookmarkStatementId {
struct BookmarkData {
int64_t id = -1;
nsCString url;
nsCString title;
int32_t position = -1;
int64_t placeId = -1;
int64_t parentId = -1;
int64_t grandParentId = -1;
int32_t type = 0;
int32_t syncStatus = nsINavBookmarksService::SYNC_STATUS_UNKNOWN;
nsCString serviceCID;
PRTime dateAdded = 0;
PRTime lastModified = 0;
nsCString guid;
nsCString parentGuid;
struct ItemVisitData {
BookmarkData bookmark;
int64_t visitId;
uint32_t transitionType;
PRTime time;
struct ItemChangeData {
BookmarkData bookmark;
bool isAnnotation = false;
bool updateLastModified = false;
uint16_t source = nsINavBookmarksService::SOURCE_DEFAULT;
nsCString property;
nsCString newValue;
nsCString oldValue;
struct TombstoneData {
nsCString guid;
PRTime dateRemoved;
typedef void (nsNavBookmarks::*ItemVisitMethod)(const ItemVisitData&);
typedef void (nsNavBookmarks::*ItemChangeMethod)(const ItemChangeData&);
enum BookmarkDate { LAST_MODIFIED };
} // namespace places
} // namespace mozilla
class nsNavBookmarks final : public nsINavBookmarksService,
public nsIObserver,
public nsSupportsWeakReference {
* Obtains the service's object.
static already_AddRefed<nsNavBookmarks> GetSingleton();
* Initializes the service's object. This should only be called once.
nsresult Init();
static nsNavBookmarks* GetBookmarksService() {
if (!gBookmarksService) {
nsCOMPtr<nsINavBookmarksService> serv =
NS_ENSURE_TRUE(serv, nullptr);
"Should have static instance pointer now");
return gBookmarksService;
typedef mozilla::places::BookmarkData BookmarkData;
typedef mozilla::places::ItemVisitData ItemVisitData;
typedef mozilla::places::ItemChangeData ItemChangeData;
typedef mozilla::places::BookmarkStatementId BookmarkStatementId;
nsresult OnVisit(nsIURI* aURI, int64_t aVisitId, PRTime aTime,
int64_t aSessionId, int64_t aReferringId,
uint32_t aTransitionType, const nsACString& aGUID,
bool aHidden, uint32_t aVisitCount, uint32_t aTyped,
const nsAString& aLastKnownTitle);
nsresult GetBookmarkURI(int64_t aItemId, nsIURI** _URI);
nsresult ResultNodeForContainer(const nsCString& aGUID,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsNavHistoryResultNode** aNode);
// Find all the children of a folder, using the given query and options.
// For each child, a ResultNode is created and added to |children|.
// The results are ordered by folder position.
nsresult QueryFolderChildren(int64_t aFolderId,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>* children);
* Turns aRow into a node and appends it to aChildren if it is appropriate to
* do so.
* @param aRow
* A Storage statement (in the case of synchronous execution) or row of
* a result set (in the case of asynchronous execution).
* @param aOptions
* The options of the parent folder node. These are the options used
* to fill the parent node.
* @param aChildren
* The children of the parent folder node.
* @param aCurrentIndex
* The index of aRow within the results. When called on the first row,
* this should be set to -1.
nsresult ProcessFolderNodeRow(mozIStorageValueArray* aRow,
nsNavHistoryQueryOptions* aOptions,
nsCOMArray<nsNavHistoryResultNode>* aChildren,
int32_t& aCurrentIndex);
* The async version of QueryFolderChildren.
* @param aNode
* The folder node that will receive the children.
* @param _pendingStmt
* The Storage pending statement that will be used to control async
* execution.
nsresult QueryFolderChildrenAsync(nsNavHistoryFolderResultNode* aNode,
mozIStoragePendingStatement** _pendingStmt);
* Fetches information about the specified id from the database.
* @param aItemId
* Id of the item to fetch information for.
* @param aBookmark
* BookmarkData to store the information.
nsresult FetchItemInfo(int64_t aItemId, BookmarkData& _bookmark);
* Fetches information about the specified GUID from the database.
* @param aGUID
* GUID of the item to fetch information for.
* @param aBookmark
* BookmarkData to store the information.
nsresult FetchItemInfo(const nsCString& aGUID, BookmarkData& _bookmark);
* Notifies that a bookmark has been visited.
* @param aItemId
* The visited item id.
* @param aData
* Details about the new visit.
void NotifyItemVisited(const ItemVisitData& aData);
* Notifies that a bookmark has changed.
* @param aItemId
* The changed item id.
* @param aData
* Details about the change.
void NotifyItemChanged(const ItemChangeData& aData);
static const int32_t kGetChildrenIndex_Guid;
static const int32_t kGetChildrenIndex_Position;
static const int32_t kGetChildrenIndex_Type;
static const int32_t kGetChildrenIndex_PlaceID;
static const int32_t kGetChildrenIndex_SyncStatus;
static mozilla::Atomic<int64_t> sLastInsertedItemId;
static void StoreLastInsertedId(const nsACString& aTable,
const int64_t aLastInsertedId);
static mozilla::Atomic<int64_t> sTotalSyncChanges;
static void NoteSyncChange();
static nsNavBookmarks* gBookmarksService;
nsresult AdjustIndices(int64_t aFolder, int32_t aStartIndex,
int32_t aEndIndex, int32_t aDelta);
nsresult AdjustSeparatorsSyncCounter(int64_t aFolderId, int32_t aStartIndex,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta);
* Fetches properties of a folder.
* @param aFolderId
* Folder to count children for.
* @param _folderCount
* Number of children in the folder.
* @param _guid
* Unique id of the folder.
* @param _parentId
* Id of the parent of the folder.
* @throws If folder does not exist.
nsresult FetchFolderInfo(int64_t aFolderId, int32_t* _folderCount,
nsACString& _guid, int64_t* _parentId);
nsresult AddSyncChangesForBookmarksWithURL(const nsACString& aURL,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta);
// Bumps the change counter for all bookmarks with |aURI|. This is used to
// update tagged bookmarks when adding or changing a tag entry.
nsresult AddSyncChangesForBookmarksWithURI(nsIURI* aURI,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta);
// Bumps the change counter for all bookmarked URLs within |aFolderId|. This
// is used to update tagged bookmarks when changing or removing a tag folder.
nsresult AddSyncChangesForBookmarksInFolder(int64_t aFolderId,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta);
// Inserts a tombstone for a removed synced item.
nsresult InsertTombstone(const BookmarkData& aBookmark);
// Inserts tombstones for removed synced items.
nsresult InsertTombstones(
const nsTArray<mozilla::places::TombstoneData>& aTombstones);
// Removes a stale synced bookmark tombstone.
nsresult RemoveTombstone(const nsACString& aGUID);
nsresult SetItemTitleInternal(BookmarkData& aBookmark,
const nsACString& aTitle,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta);
* This is an handle to the Places database.
RefPtr<mozilla::places::Database> mDB;
nsMaybeWeakPtrArray<nsINavBookmarkObserver> mObservers;
int64_t TagsRootId() { return mDB->GetTagsFolderId(); }
inline bool IsRoot(int64_t aFolderId) {
return aFolderId == mDB->GetRootFolderId() ||
aFolderId == mDB->GetMenuFolderId() ||
aFolderId == mDB->GetTagsFolderId() ||
aFolderId == mDB->GetUnfiledFolderId() ||
aFolderId == mDB->GetToolbarFolderId() ||
aFolderId == mDB->GetMobileFolderId();
nsresult SetItemDateInternal(enum mozilla::places::BookmarkDate aDateType,
int64_t aSyncChangeDelta, int64_t aItemId,
PRTime aValue);
nsresult RemoveFolderChildren(int64_t aFolderId, uint16_t aSource);
// Recursive method to build an array of folder's children
nsresult GetDescendantChildren(int64_t aFolderId,
const nsACString& aFolderGuid,
int64_t aGrandParentId,
nsTArray<BookmarkData>& aFolderChildrenArray);
enum ItemType {
* Helper to insert a bookmark in the database.
* @param aItemId
* The itemId to insert, pass -1 to generate a new one.
* @param aPlaceId
* The placeId to which this bookmark refers to, pass nullptr for
* items that don't refer to an URI (eg. folders, separators, ...).
* @param aItemType
* The type of the new bookmark, see TYPE_* constants.
* @param aParentId
* The itemId of the parent folder.
* @param aIndex
* The position inside the parent folder.
* @param aTitle
* The title for the new bookmark.
* Pass a void string to set a NULL title.
* @param aDateAdded
* The date for the insertion.
* @param [optional] aLastModified
* The last modified date for the insertion.
* It defaults to aDateAdded.
* @return The new item id that has been inserted.
* @note This will also update last modified date of the parent folder.
nsresult InsertBookmarkInDB(int64_t aPlaceId, enum ItemType aItemType,
int64_t aParentId, int32_t aIndex,
const nsACString& aTitle, PRTime aDateAdded,
PRTime aLastModified,
const nsACString& aParentGuid,
int64_t aGrandParentId, nsIURI* aURI,
uint16_t aSource, int64_t* _itemId,
nsACString& _guid);
nsresult GetBookmarksForURI(nsIURI* aURI, nsTArray<BookmarkData>& _bookmarks);
// Used to enable and disable the observer notifications.
bool mCanNotify;
#endif // nsNavBookmarks_h_