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head = head.js head_e10s.js head_telemetry.js
tail =
firefox-appdir = browser
skip-if = appname == "thunderbird" || os == "android"
dupe-manifest =
support-files =
tags = webextensions webextensions-e10s
# Make sure that loading the default settings for url-classifier-skip-urls
# doesn't interfere with running our tests while IDB operations are in
# flight by overriding the remote settings server URL to
# ensure that the IDB database isn't created in the first place.
prefs =
skip-if =
socketprocess_networking # Bug 1759035
skip-if =
socketprocess_networking && fission # Bug 1759035
# Tests that need to run with e10s only must NOT be placed here,
# but in xpcshell-common-e10s.ini.
# A test here will only run on one configuration, e10s + in-process extensions,
# while the primary target is e10s + out-of-process extensions.
# xpcshell-common-e10s.ini runs in both configurations.