Name Description Size
components.conf 544
DownloadCore.sys.mjs Main implementation of the Downloads API objects. Consumers should get references to these objects through the "Downloads.sys.mjs" module. 106764
DownloadHistory.sys.mjs Provides access to downloads from previous sessions on platforms that store them in a different location than session downloads. This module works with objects that are compatible with Download, while using the Places interfaces internally. Some of the Places objects may also be exposed to allow the consumers to integrate with history view commands. 28332
DownloadIntegration.sys.mjs Provides functions to integrate with the host application, handling for example the global prompts on shutdown. 44350
DownloadLegacy.sys.mjs This component implements the XPCOM interfaces required for integration with the legacy download components. New code is expected to use the "Downloads.sys.mjs" module directly, without going through the interfaces implemented in this XPCOM component. These interfaces are only maintained for backwards compatibility with components that still work synchronously on the main thread. 16139
DownloadList.sys.mjs Provides collections of Download objects and aggregate views on them. 17649
DownloadPaths.sys.mjs Provides methods for giving names and paths to files being downloaded. 4599
DownloadPlatform.cpp 10340
DownloadPlatform.h 676
Downloads.sys.mjs Main entry point to get references to all the back-end objects. 10657
DownloadStore.sys.mjs Handles serialization of Download objects and persistence into a file, so that the state of downloads can be restored across sessions. The file is stored in JSON format, without indentation. With indentation applied, the file would look like this: { "list": [ { "source": "", "target": "/home/user/Downloads/download.txt" }, { "source": { "url": "", "referrerInfo": serialized string represents referrerInfo object }, "target": "/home/user/Downloads/download-2.txt" } ] } 6632
DownloadUIHelper.sys.mjs Provides functions to handle status and messages in the user interface. 7919 1269
mozIDownloadPlatform.idl Perform platform specific operations when a download is done. Windows: Add the download to the recent documents list Set the file to be indexed for searching Mac: Bounce the downloads dock icon GTK: Add the download to the recent documents list Save the source uri in the downloaded file's metadata Android: Scan media @param aSource Source URI of the download @param aReferrer Referrer URI of the download @param aTarget Downloaded file @param aContentType The source's content type @param aIsPrivate True for private downloads @return Promise that resolves once operations have completed. 1871