Name Description Size 5201 UDP bindings for `tokio`. This module contains the UDP networking types, similar to the standard library, which can be used to implement networking protocols. The main struct for UDP is the [`UdpSocket`], which represents a UDP socket. Reading and writing to it can be done using futures, which return the [`RecvDgram`] and [`SendDgram`] structs respectively. For convenience it's also possible to convert raw datagrams into higher-level frames. [`UdpSocket`]: struct.UdpSocket.html [`RecvDgram`]: struct.RecvDgram.html [`SendDgram`]: struct.SendDgram.html [`UdpFramed`]: struct.UdpFramed.html [`framed`]: struct.UdpSocket.html#method.framed 1273 1427 1786 15622