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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="timeout" content="long">
<title>Multi-Screen Window Placement test: element.requestFullscreen()</title>
<link rel="help" href="">
This test uses multi-screen details to request fullscreen on different
displays and swap between them.<br>
It runs manually with `wpt serve` and a compatible browser.<br><br>
<button id="setUpButton">Request screen details</button>
<ul id="testButtons"></ul>
<ul id="logger"></ul>
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testdriver.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testdriver-vendor.js"></script>
<script src="resources/helpers.js"></script>
'use strict';
// Waits until `window` is located on `screen` or until 3 seconds elapses.
async function ensureWindowOnScreen(window, screen) {
// Returns true if window `w` in on screen `s`.
const isWindowOnScreen = async (w, s) => {
const center = {
x: w.screenLeft + w.outerWidth / 2,
y: w.screenTop + w.outerHeight / 2
return center.x >= s.left && (center.x < s.left + s.width) &&
center.y >= && (center.y < + s.height) &&
(await w.getScreenDetails()).currentScreen == s;
// Checks every 100ms if window `w` is on screen `s` up to 3s maximum.
const waitForWindowOnScreen = async (w, s, resolve, timestamp = => {
if (!w || w.closed || - timestamp > 3000)
else if (await isWindowOnScreen(w, s))
setTimeout(waitForWindowOnScreen.bind(this, w, s, resolve, timestamp), 100);
return new Promise(resolve => { waitForWindowOnScreen(window, screen, resolve); });
// Asserts that the browser window is correctly positioned on `screen`.
// `expectFullscreen` specifies whether to expect the window to be
// fullscreen or not.
async function testWindowOnScreen(test, screen, expectFullscreen) {
// In chrome, the requestFullscreen promise may resolve before the
// transition completes and the bounds may be incorect in the meantime.
// Wait until the window is on the expected screen.
// TODO( Remove this.
await ensureWindowOnScreen(window, screen);
assert_equals(!!document.fullscreenElement, expectFullscreen);
assert_equals((await window.getScreenDetails()).currentScreen, screen);
if (expectFullscreen) {
// Window bounds should equal the bounds of the screen when in fullscreen.
assert_equals(window.screenX, screen.left);
assert_equals(window.innerWidth, screen.width);
assert_equals(window.innerHeight, screen.height);
} else {
// Verify the window is somewhere within the specified screen
assert_true(window.screenX >= screen.left);
assert_true(window.screenY >=;
assert_true(window.screenX + window.outerWidth <= screen.left + screen.width);
assert_true(window.screenY + window.outerHeight <= + screen.height);
promise_test(async setUpTest => {
await setUpWindowPlacement(setUpTest, setUpButton);
const screenDetails = await getScreenDetails();
assert_true(!!screenDetails, 'Error getting screen details');
for (const [i, fullscreenScreen] of screenDetails.screens.entries()) {
const originalScreen = screenDetails.currentScreen;
const swapFullscreen =
screenDetails.screens[(i + 1) % screenDetails.screens.length];
let testName =
`Fullscreen on '${fullscreenScreen.label}' and swap to ${swapFullscreen.label}`;
promise_test(async fullscreenTest => {
// Step 1: Enter Fullscreen.
await addTestTriggerButtonAndAwaitClick(testButtons,
`Step 1: ${testName} (Enter Fullscreen)`,
log(`Requesting fullscreen on screen: ${fullscreenScreen.label}`);
await document.documentElement.requestFullscreen(
{ screen: fullscreenScreen }
await testWindowOnScreen(fullscreenTest, fullscreenScreen,
// Step 2: Swap to another screen.
await addTestTriggerButtonAndAwaitClick(testButtons,
`Step 2: ${testName} (Swap screens)`,
log(`Swapping fullscreen to screen: ${swapFullscreen.label}`);
await document.documentElement.requestFullscreen(
{ screen: swapFullscreen }
await testWindowOnScreen(fullscreenTest, swapFullscreen,
// Step 3: Exit fullscreen. Should restore window to `originalScreen`.
await addTestTriggerButtonAndAwaitClick(testButtons,
`Step 3: ${testName} (Exit Fullscreen)`,
log(`Exiting fullscreen. Window should restore to ${originalScreen.label}.`);
await document.exitFullscreen();
await testWindowOnScreen(fullscreenTest, originalScreen,
}, testName);
}, 'Use multi-screen details to request fullscreen on target displays and swap between them');