Name Description Size Take logging args out of the dictionary of command line arguments so they are not passed in as kwargs to the update code. This is particularly necessary here because the arguments are often of type file, which cannot be serialized. :param args: Dictionary of command line arguments. 1373 Base class for state-creating steps. When a Step is run() the current state is checked to see if the state from this step has already been created. If it has the restore() method is invoked. Otherwise the create() method is invoked with the state object. This is expected to add items with all the keys in __class__.provides to the state object. 2039 Do the metadata update on the local checkout 1868 Object containing state variables created when running Steps. Variables are set and get as attributes e.g. state_obj.spam = "eggs". :param parent: Parent State object or None if this is the root object. 4642 Copy the working copy of a Tree to a destination directory. :param tree: The Tree to copy. :param dest: The destination directory 4967 Get a name either equal to initial or of the form initial_N, for some integer N, that is not in the set existing. :param existing: Set of names that must not be chosen. :param initial: Name, or name prefix, to use 11837 Step for loading configuration from the ini file and kwargs. 6445