Name Description Size
1-iframe 17
2-iframes 25
META.yml 105 # Origin isolation tests 1048
about-blank.https.sub.html The initial about:blank respects origin isolation 1805
about-blank.https.sub.html.headers 21
document-domain.sub.https.html Setting document.domain does not change same-originness 1293
document-domain.sub.https.html.headers 21
getter-special-cases 22
going-back.sub.https.html Parent is isolated, child1 is not isolated, child1 navigates to a different site, child2 gets inserted and is isolated, child1 navigates back 2227
going-back.sub.https.html.headers 21
iframe-navigation 10
insecure-http.sub.html Parent requests isolation, child requests isolation, child is a subdomain of the parent, but all over insecure HTTP 734
insecure-http.sub.html.headers 21
popups 15
popups-crash.https.html Crash test for 212
removing-iframes.sub.https.html A non-isolated child at a given origin causes future children to also be non-isolated even after the iframe is removed 1573
removing-iframes.sub.https.html.headers 21
resources Why are there `.headers` files here for the `.mjs` scripts? 10