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api.js This test will measure the performance of opening a tab and displaying the simplest content (a blank page). This test is concerned primarily with the time it takes to show the content area to the user, rather than the performance of the tab opening or closing animations (which are measured in the TART test). This is why this test disables tab animations. When opening tabs and showing content, there are two cases to consider: 1) The tab has been opened via a command from the parent process. For example, the user has clicked on a link in a separate application which is opening in this browser, so the message to open the tab and display the content comes from the operating system, to the parent. 2) The tab has been opened by clicking on a link in content. It is possible for certain types of links (_blank links for example) to open new tabs. 6825
framescript.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 3094
manifest.json 440
schema.json 3
tabpaint.html 1592
tabpaint.manifest 49
target.html TABPAINT 159