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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import json
import pathlib
import tempfile
import time
from import _ROOT_URL
from mozperftest.test.browsertime import add_options
from mozperftest.utils import (
# We specifically select this URL because:
# - we access Mozilla URLs in tests so any connections to Mozilla URLs may re-use
# existing connections and have different perf characteristics. We can mostly
# avoid this problem by using a non-Mozilla URL
# - we authored the site so we can guarantee it doesn't change or change it if
# needed
# - we're not directing traffic to a site we don't own
("processStartTime", "true"),
("firefox.disableBrowsertimeExtension", "true"),
("", "'-a'"),
("", "'android.intent.action.VIEW'"),
("", "'-d'"),
("", URL),
NIGHTLY_SIM_ROUTE = "mobile.v3.firefox-android.apks.fenix-nightly-simulation"
ROUTE_SUFFIX = "artifacts/public/build/fenix/{architecture}/target.apk"
build_generator = None
def before_iterations(kw):
global build_generator
install_list = kw.get("android_install_apk")
if len(install_list) == 0 or all(
["fenix_nightlysim_multicommit" not in apk for apk in install_list]
# Install gitpython
install_package(kw["virtualenv"], "gitpython==3.1.0")
import git
class _GitProgress(git.RemoteProgress):
def update(self, op_code, cur_count, max_count=None, message=""):
if message:
# Setup the local fenix github repo
print("Cloning fenix repo...")
fenix_repo = git.Repo.clone_from(
# Get the builds to test
architecture = (
"arm64-v8a" if "arm64_v8a" in kw.get("android_install_apk") else "armeabi-v7a"
json_ = _fetch_json(
get_revision_namespace_url, NIGHTLY_SIM_ROUTE, day=kw["test_date"]
namespaces = json_["namespaces"]
revisions = [namespace["name"] for namespace in namespaces]
tasks = []
for revision in revisions:
commit = fenix_repo.commit(revision)
name_rev = str(commit.name_rev)
if (
"remotes/origin" not in name_rev
or "release" in name_rev
or "tag" in name_rev
"Commit %s is a release-branch commit, it won't be tested."
% revision
commitdate = commit.committed_date
except ValueError:
print("Commit %s is not from the Fenix master branch" % revision)
json_ = _fetch_json(
get_multi_tasks_url, NIGHTLY_SIM_ROUTE, revision, day=kw["test_date"]
for task in json_["tasks"]:
route = task["namespace"]
task_architecture = route.split(".")[-1]
if task_architecture == architecture:
"timestamp": commitdate,
"revision": revision,
"route": route,
"route_suffix": ROUTE_SUFFIX.format(
# Set the number of test-iterations to the number of builds
kw["test_iterations"] = len(tasks)
def _build_iterator():
for task in tasks:
revision = task["revision"]
timestamp = task["timestamp"]
humandate = time.ctime(int(timestamp))
print(f"Testing revision {revision} from {humandate}")
download_url = f'{_ROOT_URL}{task["route"]}/{task["route_suffix"]}'
yield revision, timestamp, [download_url]
build_generator = _build_iterator()
return kw
def _fetch_json(get_url_function, *args, **kwargs):
build_url = get_url_function(*args, **kwargs)
tmpfile = pathlib.Path(tempfile.mkdtemp(), "temp.json")
download_file(build_url, tmpfile)
with as f:
return json.load(f)
def before_runs(env, **kw):
global build_generator
add_options(env, COMMON_OPTIONS)
if build_generator:
revision, timestamp, build = next(build_generator)
env.set_arg("android-install-apk", build)
env.set_arg("perfherder-prefix", revision)
env.set_arg("perfherder-timestamp", timestamp)