Name Description Size
android 6
awsy 3
balrog 2
builds 18 This config file can be appended to any other mozharness job running under treeherder. The purpose of this config is to override values that are specific to Release Engineering machines that can reach specific hosts within their network. In other words, this config allows you to run any job outside of the Release Engineering network Using this config file should be accompanied with using --test-url and --installer-url where appropiate 1780
firefox_ui_tests 5
l10n_bumper 4
marionette 5
multi_locale 1
openh264 8
partner_repacks 3
raptor 6
releases 17 229
repackage 11
servo 1
single_locale 15
talos 6 273
test 10
unittests 3
web_platform_tests 7