Name Description Size
manifest.ini 144 Open a set of windows with tabs pointing at some URLs. @param window_sets (list) A set of URL tuples. Each tuple within window_sets represents a window, and each URL in the URL tuples represents what will be loaded in a tab. Note that if is_private is False, then the first URL tuple will be opened in the current window, and subequent tuples will be opened in new windows. Example: set( (self.marionette.absolute_url('layout/mozilla_1.html'), self.marionette.absolute_url('layout/mozilla_2.html')), (self.marionette.absolute_url('layout/mozilla_3.html'), self.marionette.absolute_url('layout/mozilla_4.html')), ) This would take the currently open window, and load mozilla_1.html and mozilla_2.html in new tabs. It would then open a new, second window, and load tabs at mozilla_3.html and mozilla_4.html. @param is_private (boolean, optional) Whether or not any new windows should be a private browsing windows. 15458 Setup for the test, enabling session restore. :param include_private: Whether to open private windows. 3927 Test session restore selected by user. 2495