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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
Support for running jobs via mozharness. Ideally, most stuff gets run this
way, and certainly anything using mozharness should use this approach.
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import json
import six
from six import text_type
from textwrap import dedent
from taskgraph.util.schema import Schema
from voluptuous import Required, Optional, Any
from voluptuous.validators import Match
from mozpack import path as mozpath
from taskgraph.transforms.job import (
from taskgraph.transforms.job.common import (
from taskgraph.transforms.task import (
mozharness_run_schema = Schema(
Required("using"): "mozharness",
# the mozharness script used to run this task, relative to the testing/
# directory and using forward slashes even on Windows
Required("script"): text_type,
# Additional paths to look for mozharness configs in. These should be
# relative to the base of the source checkout
Optional("config-paths"): [text_type],
# the config files required for the task, relative to
# testing/mozharness/configs or one of the paths specified in
# `config-paths` and using forward slashes even on Windows
Required("config"): [text_type],
# any additional actions to pass to the mozharness command
Optional("actions"): [
Match("^[a-z0-9-]+$", "actions must be `-` seperated alphanumeric strings")
# any additional options (without leading --) to be passed to mozharness
Optional("options"): [
"^[a-z0-9-]+(=[^ ]+)?$",
"options must be `-` seperated alphanumeric strings (with optional argument)",
# --custom-build-variant-cfg value
Optional("custom-build-variant-cfg"): text_type,
# Extra configuration options to pass to mozharness.
Optional("extra-config"): dict,
# If not false, tooltool downloads will be enabled via relengAPIProxy
# for either just public files, or all files. Not supported on Windows
Required("tooltool-downloads"): Any(
# The set of secret names to which the task has access; these are prefixed
# with `project/releng/gecko/{treeherder.kind}/level-{level}/`. Setting
# this will enable any worker features required and set the task's scopes
# appropriately. `true` here means ['*'], all secrets. Not supported on
# Windows
Required("secrets"): Any(bool, [text_type]),
# If true, taskcluster proxy will be enabled; note that it may also be enabled
# automatically e.g., for secrets support. Not supported on Windows.
Required("taskcluster-proxy"): bool,
# If true, the build scripts will start Xvfb. Not supported on Windows.
Required("need-xvfb"): bool,
# If false, indicate that builds should skip producing artifacts. Not
# supported on Windows.
Required("keep-artifacts"): bool,
# If specified, use the in-tree job script specified.
Optional("job-script"): text_type,
Required("requires-signed-builds"): bool,
# Whether or not to use caches.
Optional("use-caches"): bool,
# If false, don't set MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME
# Only disableable on windows
Required("use-simple-package"): bool,
# If false don't pass --branch mozharness script
# Only disableable on windows
Required("use-magic-mh-args"): bool,
# if true, perform a checkout of a comm-central based branch inside the
# gecko checkout
Required("comm-checkout"): bool,
# Base work directory used to set up the task.
Optional("workdir"): text_type,
mozharness_defaults = {
"tooltool-downloads": False,
"secrets": False,
"taskcluster-proxy": False,
"need-xvfb": False,
"keep-artifacts": True,
"requires-signed-builds": False,
"use-simple-package": True,
"use-magic-mh-args": True,
"comm-checkout": False,
def mozharness_on_docker_worker_setup(config, job, taskdesc):
run = job["run"]
worker = taskdesc["worker"] = job["worker"]
if not run.pop("use-simple-package", None):
raise NotImplementedError(
"Simple packaging cannot be disabled via"
"'use-simple-package' on docker-workers"
if not run.pop("use-magic-mh-args", None):
raise NotImplementedError(
"Cannot disabled mh magic arg passing via"
"'use-magic-mh-args' on docker-workers"
# Running via mozharness assumes an image that contains
# by default, debian8-amd64-build, but it could be another image (like
# android-build).
worker.setdefault("docker-image", {"in-tree": "debian8-amd64-build"})
worker.setdefault("artifacts", []).append(
"name": "public/logs",
"path": "{workdir}/logs/".format(**run),
"type": "directory",
worker["taskcluster-proxy"] = run.pop("taskcluster-proxy", None)
docker_worker_add_artifacts(config, job, taskdesc)
env = worker.setdefault("env", {})
"WORKSPACE": "{workdir}/workspace".format(**run),
"MOZHARNESS_CONFIG": " ".join(run.pop("config")),
"MOZHARNESS_SCRIPT": run.pop("script"),
"MH_BRANCH": config.params["project"],
"MOZ_SOURCE_CHANGESET": get_branch_rev(config),
"MOZ_SOURCE_REPO": get_branch_repo(config),
"MH_BUILD_POOL": "taskcluster",
"MOZ_BUILD_DATE": config.params["moz_build_date"],
"MOZ_SCM_LEVEL": config.params["level"],
worker.setdefault("required-volumes", []).append(env["WORKSPACE"])
if "actions" in run:
env["MOZHARNESS_ACTIONS"] = " ".join(run.pop("actions"))
if "options" in run:
env["MOZHARNESS_OPTIONS"] = " ".join(run.pop("options"))
if "config-paths" in run:
env["MOZHARNESS_CONFIG_PATHS"] = " ".join(run.pop("config-paths"))
if "custom-build-variant-cfg" in run:
env["MH_CUSTOM_BUILD_VARIANT_CFG"] = run.pop("custom-build-variant-cfg")
extra_config = run.pop("extra-config", {})
extra_config["objdir"] = "obj-build"
env["EXTRA_MOZHARNESS_CONFIG"] = six.ensure_text(
json.dumps(extra_config, sort_keys=True)
if "job-script" in run:
env["JOB_SCRIPT"] = run["job-script"]
if config.params.is_try():
env["TRY_COMMIT_MSG"] = config.params["message"]
# if we're not keeping artifacts, set some env variables to empty values
# that will cause the build process to skip copying the results to the
# artifacts directory. This will have no effect for operations that are
# not builds.
if not run.pop("keep-artifacts"):
env["DIST_UPLOADS"] = ""
# Xvfb
if run.pop("need-xvfb"):
env["NEED_XVFB"] = "true"
env["NEED_XVFB"] = "false"
# Retry if mozharness returns TBPL_RETRY
worker["retry-exit-status"] = [4]
setup_secrets(config, job, taskdesc)
run["using"] = "run-task"
run["command"] = mozpath.join(
run.pop("job-script", "taskcluster/scripts/builder/"),
configure_taskdesc_for_run(config, job, taskdesc, worker["implementation"])
def mozharness_on_generic_worker(config, job, taskdesc):
assert job["worker"]["os"] in (
), "only supports windows and macOS right now: {}".format(job["label"])
run = job["run"]
# fail if invalid run options are included
invalid = []
for prop in ["need-xvfb"]:
if prop in run and run.pop(prop):
if not run.pop("keep-artifacts", True):
if invalid:
raise Exception(
"Jobs run using mozharness on Windows do not support properties "
+ ", ".join(invalid)
worker = taskdesc["worker"] = job["worker"]
worker["taskcluster-proxy"] = run.pop("taskcluster-proxy", None)
setup_secrets(config, job, taskdesc)
taskdesc["worker"].setdefault("artifacts", []).append(
{"name": "public/logs", "path": "logs", "type": "directory"}
if not worker.get("skip-artifacts", False):
generic_worker_add_artifacts(config, job, taskdesc)
env = worker["env"]
"MOZ_BUILD_DATE": config.params["moz_build_date"],
"MOZ_SCM_LEVEL": config.params["level"],
"MH_BRANCH": config.params["project"],
"MOZ_SOURCE_CHANGESET": get_branch_rev(config),
"MOZ_SOURCE_REPO": get_branch_repo(config),
if run.pop("use-simple-package"):
env.update({"MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME": "target"})
extra_config = run.pop("extra-config", {})
extra_config["objdir"] = "obj-build"
env["EXTRA_MOZHARNESS_CONFIG"] = six.ensure_text(
json.dumps(extra_config, sort_keys=True)
# The windows generic worker uses batch files to pass environment variables
# to commands. Setting a variable to empty in a batch file unsets, so if
# there is no `TRY_COMMIT_MESSAGE`, pass a space instead, so that
# mozharness doesn't try to find the commit message on its own.
if config.params.is_try():
env["TRY_COMMIT_MSG"] = config.params["message"] or "no commit message"
if not job["attributes"]["build_platform"].startswith(("win", "macosx")):
raise Exception(
"Task generation for mozharness build jobs currently only supported on "
"Windows and macOS"
mh_command = []
if job["worker"]["os"] == "windows":
gecko_path = "%GECKO_PATH%"
gecko_path = "$GECKO_PATH"
mh_command += [
"{}/testing/{}".format(gecko_path, run.pop("script")),
for path in run.pop("config-paths", []):
mh_command.append("--extra-config-path {}/{}".format(gecko_path, path))
for cfg in run.pop("config"):
mh_command.extend(("--config", cfg))
if run.pop("use-magic-mh-args"):
mh_command.extend(("--branch", config.params["project"]))
if job["worker"]["os"] == "windows":
mh_command.extend(("--work-dir", r"%cd:Z:=z:%\workspace"))
for action in run.pop("actions", []):
mh_command.append("--" + action)
for option in run.pop("options", []):
mh_command.append("--" + option)
if run.get("custom-build-variant-cfg"):
if job["worker"]["os"] == "macosx":
# Ideally, we'd use shellutil.quote, but that would single-quote
# $GECKO_PATH, which would defeat having the variable in the command
# in the first place, as it wouldn't be expanded.
# In practice, arguments are expected not to contain characters that
# would require quoting.
mh_command = " ".join(mh_command)
run["using"] = "run-task"
run["command"] = mh_command
run.pop("job-script", None)
configure_taskdesc_for_run(config, job, taskdesc, worker["implementation"])
# Everything past this point is Windows-specific.
if job["worker"]["os"] == "macosx":
if taskdesc.get("use-sccache"):
worker["command"] = (
# Make the comment part of the first command, as it will help users to
# understand what is going on, and why these steps are implemented.
:: sccache currently uses the full compiler commandline as input to the
:: cache hash key, so create a symlink to the task dir and build from
:: the symlink dir to get consistent paths.
if exist z:\\build rmdir z:\\build"""
r"mklink /d z:\build %cd%",
# Grant delete permission on the link to everyone.
r"icacls z:\build /grant *S-1-1-0:D /L",
r"cd /d z:\build",
+ worker["command"]