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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import os
import logging
import sys
import attr
from six import text_type
from mozpack import path
from .util.python_path import find_object
from .util.schema import validate_schema, Schema, optionally_keyed_by
from voluptuous import Required, Optional, Any
from .util.yaml import load_yaml
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
graph_config_schema = Schema(
# The trust-domain for this graph.
Required("trust-domain"): text_type,
# This specifes the prefix for repo parameters that refer to the project being built.
# This selects between `head_rev` and `comm_head_rev` and related paramters.
Required("project-repo-param-prefix"): text_type,
# This specifies the top level directory of the application being built.
# ie. "browser/" for Firefox, "comm/mail/" for Thunderbird.
Required("product-dir"): text_type,
Required("treeherder"): {
# Mapping of treeherder group symbols to descriptive names
Required("group-names"): {text_type: text_type}
Required("index"): {Required("products"): [text_type]},
Required("try"): {
# We have a few platforms for which we want to do some "extra" builds, or at
# least build-ish things. Sort of. Anyway, these other things are implemented
# as different "platforms". These do *not* automatically ride along with "-p
# all"
Required("ridealong-builds"): {text_type: [text_type]},
Required("release-promotion"): {
Required("products"): [text_type],
Required("flavors"): {
text_type: {
Required("product"): text_type,
Required("target-tasks-method"): text_type,
Optional("is-rc"): bool,
Optional("rebuild-kinds"): [text_type],
Optional("version-bump"): bool,
Optional("partial-updates"): bool,
Required("merge-automation"): {
Required("behaviors"): {
text_type: {
Optional("from-branch"): text_type,
Required("to-branch"): text_type,
Optional("from-repo"): text_type,
Required("to-repo"): text_type,
Required("version-files"): [
Required("filename"): text_type,
Optional("new-suffix"): text_type,
Optional("version-bump"): Any("major", "minor"),
Required("replacements"): [[text_type]],
Required("merge-old-head"): bool,
Optional("base-tag"): text_type,
Optional("end-tag"): text_type,
Optional("fetch-version-from"): text_type,
Required("scriptworker"): {
# Prefix to add to scopes controlling scriptworkers
Required("scope-prefix"): text_type,
Required("task-priority"): optionally_keyed_by(
Required("partner-urls"): {
Required("release-partner-repack"): optionally_keyed_by(
"release-product", "release-level", "release-type", Any(text_type, None)
Optional("release-partner-attribution"): optionally_keyed_by(
"release-product", "release-level", "release-type", Any(text_type, None)
Required("release-eme-free-repack"): optionally_keyed_by(
"release-product", "release-level", "release-type", Any(text_type, None)
Required("workers"): {
Required("aliases"): {
text_type: {
Required("provisioner"): optionally_keyed_by("level", text_type),
Required("implementation"): text_type,
Required("os"): text_type,
Required("worker-type"): optionally_keyed_by(
"level", "release-level", text_type
Required("mac-notarization"): {
Required("mac-behavior"): optionally_keyed_by(
Any("mac_notarize", "mac_geckodriver", "mac_sign", "mac_sign_and_pkg"),
Required("mac-entitlements"): optionally_keyed_by(
"platform", "release-level", text_type
Required("taskgraph"): {
description="Python function to call to register extensions.",
): text_type,
Optional("decision-parameters"): text_type,
@attr.s(frozen=True, cmp=False)
class GraphConfig(object):
_config = attr.ib()
root_dir = attr.ib()
def __getitem__(self, name):
return self._config[name]
def register(self):
Add the project's taskgraph directory to the python path, and register
any extensions present.
modify_path = os.path.dirname(self.root_dir)
if GraphConfig._PATH_MODIFIED:
if GraphConfig._PATH_MODIFIED == modify_path:
# Already modified path with the same root_dir.
# We currently need to do this to enable actions to call
# taskgraph_decision, e.g. relpro.
raise Exception("Can't register multiple directories on python path.")
GraphConfig._PATH_MODIFIED = modify_path
sys.path.insert(0, modify_path)
register_path = self["taskgraph"].get("register")
if register_path:
def taskcluster_yml(self):
if path.split(self.root_dir)[-2:] != ["taskcluster", "ci"]:
raise Exception(
"Not guessing path to `.taskcluster.yml`. "
"Graph config in non-standard location."
return os.path.join(
def validate_graph_config(config):
validate_schema(graph_config_schema, config, "Invalid graph configuration:")
def load_graph_config(root_dir):
config_yml = os.path.join(root_dir, "config.yml")
if not os.path.exists(config_yml):
raise Exception("Couldn't find taskgraph configuration: {}".format(config_yml))
logger.debug("loading config from `{}`".format(config_yml))
config = load_yaml(config_yml)
logger.debug("validating the graph config.")
return GraphConfig(config=config, root_dir=root_dir)