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# Debian10 linux bootstrap
set -x +e -v
# Set Iris code root, required by moziris
export IRIS_CODE_ROOT=$MOZ_FETCHES_DIR/iris_firefox
# Set up a virtual display since we don't have an xdisplay
. $HOME/scripts/
start_xvfb '1920x1080x24+32' 0
# Re-set `+e` after start_xvfb changes it
set +e
# configure fluxbox
mkdir /builds/worker/.fluxbox/
echo "exec startfluxbox" >> .xinitrc
# required for X server to start correctly
touch ~/.Xauthority
# start fluxbox
fluxbox &
killall fluxbox
echo "Control Mod4 Up :MaximizeWindow" >> /builds/worker/.fluxbox/keys
fluxbox reconfigure &
# Install iris's pipenv
cd $MOZ_FETCHES_DIR/iris_firefox
PIPENV_MAX_RETRIES="5" pipenv install
# If pipenv installation fails for any reason, make another attempt.
if [ $pip_status -eq 0 ]
echo "Pipenv installed correctly, proceeding to Iris test run:"
echo "Pipenv failed to install, attempting again:"
pipenv lock --clear # This purges any partially/incorrectly generated lock files
pipenv install
# Handle the nightly smoketest suite differently
[ "$CURRENT_TEST_DIR" != "nightly" ] && irisstring="firefox -t $CURRENT_TEST_DIR" || irisstring="$CURRENT_TEST_DIR"
echo "$irisstring"
# Actually run the iris tests
pipenv run iris $irisstring -w ../../iris_runs -n --treeherder -f ../../fetches/firefox/firefox -y
# Zip up the test run output
cd ../..
zip -r iris_runs/runs
# prevent timeout of the task
killall fluxbox
# Exit with iris's exit code so treeherder knows if tests failed
exit $status