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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "SandboxInitialization.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "nsWindowsDllInterceptor.h"
#include "sandbox/win/src/sandbox_factory.h"
#include "mozilla/DebugOnly.h"
#include "mozilla/sandboxing/permissionsService.h"
#include "mozilla/WindowsProcessMitigations.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace sandboxing {
typedef BOOL(WINAPI* CloseHandle_func)(HANDLE hObject);
static WindowsDllInterceptor::FuncHookType<CloseHandle_func> stub_CloseHandle;
typedef BOOL(WINAPI* DuplicateHandle_func)(
HANDLE hSourceProcessHandle, HANDLE hSourceHandle,
HANDLE hTargetProcessHandle, LPHANDLE lpTargetHandle, DWORD dwDesiredAccess,
BOOL bInheritHandle, DWORD dwOptions);
static WindowsDllInterceptor::FuncHookType<DuplicateHandle_func>
static BOOL WINAPI patched_CloseHandle(HANDLE hObject) {
// Check all handles being closed against the sandbox's tracked handles.
return stub_CloseHandle(hObject);
static BOOL WINAPI patched_DuplicateHandle(
HANDLE hSourceProcessHandle, HANDLE hSourceHandle,
HANDLE hTargetProcessHandle, LPHANDLE lpTargetHandle, DWORD dwDesiredAccess,
BOOL bInheritHandle, DWORD dwOptions) {
// If closing a source handle from our process check it against the sandbox's
// tracked handles.
if ((dwOptions & DUPLICATE_CLOSE_SOURCE) &&
(GetProcessId(hSourceProcessHandle) == ::GetCurrentProcessId())) {
return stub_DuplicateHandle(hSourceProcessHandle, hSourceHandle,
hTargetProcessHandle, lpTargetHandle,
dwDesiredAccess, bInheritHandle, dwOptions);
typedef BOOL(WINAPI* ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence_func)(PCUNICODE_STRING,
static WindowsDllInterceptor::FuncHookType<ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence_func>
static const WCHAR gApiSetNtUserWindowStation[] =
static BOOL WINAPI patched_ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence(
if (aNamespace && aPresent &&
!wcsncmp(aNamespace->Buffer, gApiSetNtUserWindowStation,
aNamespace->Length / sizeof(WCHAR))) {
*aPresent = FALSE;
return TRUE;
return stub_ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence(aNamespace, aPresent);
static WindowsDllInterceptor Kernel32Intercept;
static WindowsDllInterceptor gApiQueryIntercept;
static bool EnableHandleCloseMonitoring() {
bool hooked = stub_CloseHandle.Set(Kernel32Intercept, "CloseHandle",
if (!hooked) {
return false;
hooked = stub_DuplicateHandle.Set(Kernel32Intercept, "DuplicateHandle",
if (!hooked) {
return false;
return true;
* There is a bug in COM that causes its initialization to fail when user32.dll
* is loaded but Win32k lockdown is enabled. COM uses ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence
* to make this check. When we are under Win32k lockdown, we hook
* ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence and force it to tell the caller that the DLL of
* interest is not present.
static void EnableApiQueryInterception() {
if (!IsWin32kLockedDown()) {
DebugOnly<bool> hookSetOk = stub_ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence.Set(
gApiQueryIntercept, "ApiSetQueryApiSetPresence",
static bool ShouldDisableHandleVerifier() {
#if defined(_X86_) && (defined(EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER) || defined(DEBUG))
// Chromium only has the verifier enabled for 32-bit and our close monitoring
// hooks cause debug assertions for 64-bit anyway.
// For x86 keep the verifier enabled by default only for Nightly or debug.
return false;
static void InitializeHandleVerifier() {
// Disable the handle verifier if we don't want it or can't enable the close
// monitoring hooks.
if (ShouldDisableHandleVerifier() || !EnableHandleCloseMonitoring()) {
static sandbox::TargetServices* InitializeTargetServices() {
// This might disable the verifier, so we want to do it before it is used.
sandbox::TargetServices* targetServices =
if (!targetServices) {
return nullptr;
if (targetServices->Init() != sandbox::SBOX_ALL_OK) {
return nullptr;
return targetServices;
sandbox::TargetServices* GetInitializedTargetServices() {
static sandbox::TargetServices* sInitializedTargetServices =
return sInitializedTargetServices;
void LowerSandbox() { GetInitializedTargetServices()->LowerToken(); }
static sandbox::BrokerServices* InitializeBrokerServices() {
// This might disable the verifier, so we want to do it before it is used.
sandbox::BrokerServices* brokerServices =
if (!brokerServices) {
return nullptr;
if (brokerServices->Init() != sandbox::SBOX_ALL_OK) {
return nullptr;
// Comment below copied from Chromium code.
// Precreate the desktop and window station used by the renderers.
// IMPORTANT: This piece of code needs to run as early as possible in the
// process because it will initialize the sandbox broker, which requires
// the process to swap its window station. During this time all the UI
// will be broken. This has to run before threads and windows are created.
scoped_refptr<sandbox::TargetPolicy> policy = brokerServices->CreatePolicy();
return brokerServices;
sandbox::BrokerServices* GetInitializedBrokerServices() {
static sandbox::BrokerServices* sInitializedBrokerServices =
return sInitializedBrokerServices;
PermissionsService* GetPermissionsService() {
return PermissionsService::GetInstance();
} // namespace sandboxing
} // namespace mozilla