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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import os
import re
import sys
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from mozlog import commandline, get_default_logger, structuredlog
from mozlog.reader import LogHandler
from mozpack.files import FileFinder
from . import result
from .pathutils import expand_exclusions, filterpaths, findobject
class BaseType(object):
"""Abstract base class for all types of linters."""
__metaclass__ = ABCMeta
batch = False
def __call__(self, paths, config, **lintargs):
"""Run linter defined by `config` against `paths` with `lintargs`.
:param paths: Paths to lint. Can be a file or directory.
:param config: Linter config the paths are being linted against.
:param lintargs: External arguments to the linter not defined in
the definition, but passed in by a consumer.
:returns: A list of :class:`~result.Issue` objects.
log = lintargs["log"]
if lintargs.get("use_filters", True):
paths, exclude = filterpaths(
config.get("exclude", []),
config.get("extensions", []),
config.get("exclude_extensions", []),
config["exclude"] = exclude
elif config.get("exclude"):
del config["exclude"]
if not paths:
return {"results": [], "fixed": 0}
"Passing the following paths:\n{paths}".format(
paths=" \n".join(paths),
if self.batch:
return self._lint(paths, config, **lintargs)
errors = []
for p in paths:
result = self._lint(p, config, **lintargs)
if result:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
return errors
def _lint_dir(self, path, config, **lintargs):
if not config.get("extensions"):
patterns = ["**"]
patterns = ["**/*.{}".format(e) for e in config["extensions"]]
exclude = [os.path.relpath(e, path) for e in config.get("exclude", [])]
finder = FileFinder(path, ignore=exclude)
errors = []
for pattern in patterns:
for p, f in finder.find(pattern):
errors.extend(self._lint(os.path.join(path, p), config, **lintargs))
return errors
def _lint(self, path, config, **lintargs):
class LineType(BaseType):
"""Abstract base class for linter types that check each line individually.
Subclasses of this linter type will read each file and check the provided
payload against each line one by one.
__metaclass__ = ABCMeta
def condition(payload, line, config):
def _lint(self, path, config, **lintargs):
if os.path.isdir(path):
return self._lint_dir(path, config, **lintargs)
payload = config["payload"]
with open(path, "r", errors="replace") as fh:
lines = fh.readlines()
errors = []
for i, line in enumerate(lines):
if self.condition(payload, line, config):
errors.append(result.from_config(config, path=path, lineno=i + 1))
return errors
class StringType(LineType):
"""Linter type that checks whether a substring is found."""
def condition(self, payload, line, config):
return payload in line
class RegexType(LineType):
"""Linter type that checks whether a regex match is found."""
def condition(self, payload, line, config):
flags = 0
if config.get("ignore-case"):
flags |= re.IGNORECASE
return, line, flags)
class ExternalType(BaseType):
"""Linter type that runs an external function.
The function is responsible for properly formatting the results
into a list of :class:`~result.Issue` objects.
batch = True
def _lint(self, files, config, **lintargs):
func = findobject(config["payload"])
return func(files, config, **lintargs)
class ExternalFileType(ExternalType):
batch = False
class GlobalType(ExternalType):
"""Linter type that runs an external global linting function just once.
The function is responsible for properly formatting the results
into a list of :class:`~result.Issue` objects.
batch = True
def _lint(self, files, config, **lintargs):
# Global lints are expensive to invoke. Try to avoid running
# them based on extensions and exclusions.
next(expand_exclusions(files, config, lintargs["root"]))
except StopIteration:
return []
func = findobject(config["payload"])
return func(config, **lintargs)
class LintHandler(LogHandler):
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
self.results = []
def lint(self, data):
self.results.append(result.from_config(self.config, **data))
class StructuredLogType(BaseType):
batch = True
def _lint(self, files, config, **lintargs):
handler = LintHandler(config)
logger = config.get("logger")
if logger is None:
logger = get_default_logger()
if logger is None:
logger = structuredlog.StructuredLogger(config["name"])
commandline.setup_logging(logger, {}, {"mach": sys.stdout})
func = findobject(config["payload"])
func(files, config, logger, **lintargs)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
return handler.results
supported_types = {
"string": StringType(),
"regex": RegexType(),
"external": ExternalType(),
"external-file": ExternalFileType(),
"global": GlobalType(),
"structured_log": StructuredLogType(),
"""Mapping of type string to an associated instance."""