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from __future__ import absolute_import↩
import argparse↩
import glob↩
import HTMLParser↩
import logging↩
import os↩
import re↩
import sys↩
import urllib2↩
# Import compare-locales parser from parent folder.↩
script_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))↩
compare_locales_path = os.path.join(↩
script_path, "../../../../third_party/python/compare-locales"
sys.path.insert(0, compare_locales_path)↩
from compare_locales import parser↩
# Configure logging format and level↩
logging.basicConfig(format=" [%(levelname)s] %(message)s", level=logging.INFO)↩
# License header to use when creating new properties files.↩
"# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the "
"Mozilla Public\n# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL "
"was not distributed with this\n# file, You can obtain "
# Base url to retrieve properties files on central, that will be parsed for↩
# localization notes.↩
# HTML parser to translate HTML entities in dtd files.↩
# Cache to store properties files retrieved over the network.↩
central_prop_cache = {}↩
# Cache the parsed entities from the existing DTD files.↩
dtd_entities_cache = {}↩
# Retrieve the content of the current version of a properties file for the↩
# provided filename, from devtools/client on mozilla central. Will return an↩
# empty array if the file can't be retrieved or read.↩
def get_central_prop_content(prop_filename):↩
if prop_filename in central_prop_cache:↩
return central_prop_cache[prop_filename]↩
url = CENTRAL_BASE_URL + prop_filename↩"loading localization file from central: {%s}" % url)↩
central_prop_cache[prop_filename] = urllib2.urlopen(url).readlines()↩
logging.error("failed to load properties file from central: {%s}" % url)↩
central_prop_cache[prop_filename] = []↩
return central_prop_cache[prop_filename]↩
# Retrieve the current en-US localization notes for the provided prop_name.↩
def get_localization_note(prop_name, prop_filename):↩
prop_content = get_central_prop_content(prop_filename)↩
comment_buffer = []↩
for i, line in enumerate(prop_content):↩
# Remove line breaks.↩
line = line.strip("\n").strip("\r")↩
if line.startswith("#"):↩
# Comment line, add to the current comment buffer.↩
elif"(^|\n)" + re.escape(prop_name) + "\s*=", line):↩
# Property found, the current comment buffer is the localization↩
# note.↩
# No match, not a comment, reinitialize the comment buffer.↩
comment_buffer = []↩
return "\n".join(comment_buffer)↩
# Retrieve the parsed DTD entities for a provided path. Results are cached by↩
# dtd path.↩
def get_dtd_entities(dtd_path):↩
if dtd_path in dtd_entities_cache:↩
return dtd_entities_cache[dtd_path]↩
dtd_parser = parser.getParser(".dtd")↩
dtd_entities_cache[dtd_path] = dtd_parser.parse()↩
return dtd_entities_cache[dtd_path]↩
# Extract the value of an entity in a dtd file.↩
def get_translation_from_dtd(dtd_path, entity_name):↩
entities, map = get_dtd_entities(dtd_path)↩
if entity_name not in map:↩
# Bail out if translation is missing.↩
key = map[entity_name]↩
entity = entities[key]↩
translation = HTML_PARSER.unescape(entity.val)↩
return translation.encode("utf-8")↩
# Extract the header and file wide comments for the provided properties file↩
# filename.↩
def get_properties_header(prop_filename):↩
prop_content = get_central_prop_content(prop_filename)↩
# if the file content is empty, return the default license header.↩
if len(prop_content) == 0:↩
header_buffer = []↩
for i, line in enumerate(prop_content):↩
# remove line breaks.↩
line = line.strip("\n").strip("\r")↩
# regexp matching keys extracted form↩
is_entity_line =↩
"^(\s*)" "((?:[#!].*?\n\s*)*)" "([^#!\s\n][^=:\n]*?)\s*[:=][ \t]*", line↩
is_loc_note ="^(\s*)" "\#\s*LOCALIZATION NOTE\s*\([^)]+\)", line)↩
if is_entity_line or is_loc_note:↩
# header finished, break the loop.↩
# header line, add to the current buffer.↩
# concatenate the current buffer and return.↩
return "\n".join(header_buffer)↩
# Create a new properties file at the provided path.↩
def create_properties_file(prop_path):↩"creating new *.properties file: {%s}" % prop_path)↩
prop_filename = os.path.basename(prop_path)↩
header = get_properties_header(prop_filename)↩
prop_file = open(prop_path, "w+")↩
# Migrate a single string entry for a dtd to a properties file.↩
def migrate_string(dtd_path, prop_path, dtd_name, prop_name):↩
if not os.path.isfile(dtd_path):↩
logging.error("dtd file can not be found at: {%s}" % dtd_path)↩
translation = get_translation_from_dtd(dtd_path, dtd_name)↩
if not translation:↩
"translation could not be found for: {%s} in {%s}" % (dtd_name, dtd_path)↩
# Create properties file if missing.↩
if not os.path.isfile(prop_path):↩
if not os.path.isfile(prop_path):↩
logging.error("could not create new properties file at: {%s}" % prop_path)↩
prop_line = prop_name + "=" + translation + "\n"
# Skip the string if it already exists in the destination file.↩
prop_file_content = open(prop_path, "r").read()↩
if prop_line in prop_file_content:↩
logging.warning("string already migrated, skipping: {%s}" % prop_name)↩
# Skip the string and log an error if an existing entry is found, but with↩
# a different value.↩
if"(^|\n)" + re.escape(prop_name) + "\s*=", prop_file_content):↩
logging.error("existing string found, skipping: {%s}" % prop_name)↩
prop_filename = os.path.basename(prop_path)↩"migrating {%s} in {%s}" % (prop_name, prop_filename))↩
with open(prop_path, "a") as prop_file:↩
localization_note = get_localization_note(prop_name, prop_filename)↩
if len(localization_note):↩
prop_file.write("\n" + localization_note)↩
"localization notes could not be found for: {%s}" % prop_name↩
prop_file.write("\n" + prop_line)↩
# Apply the migration instructions in the provided configuration file.↩
def migrate_conf(conf_path, l10n_path):↩
f = open(conf_path, "r")↩
lines = f.readlines()↩
for i, line in enumerate(lines):↩
# Remove line breaks.↩
line = line.strip("\n").strip("\r")↩
# Skip invalid lines.↩
if " = " not in line:↩
# Expected syntax: ${prop_path}:${prop_name} = ${dtd_path}:${dtd_name}.↩
prop_info, dtd_info = line.split(" = ")↩
prop_path, prop_name = prop_info.split(":")↩
dtd_path, dtd_name = dtd_info.split(":")↩
dtd_path = os.path.join(l10n_path, dtd_path)↩
prop_path = os.path.join(l10n_path, prop_path)↩
migrate_string(dtd_path, prop_path, dtd_name, prop_name)↩
def main():↩
# Read command line arguments.↩
arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(↩
description="Migrate devtools localized strings."
arg_parser.add_argument("path", type=str, help="path to l10n repository")↩
"-c", "--config", type=str, help="path to configuration file or folder"
args = arg_parser.parse_args()↩
# Retrieve path to devtools localization files in l10n repository.↩
devtools_l10n_path = os.path.join(args.path, "devtools/client/")↩
if not os.path.exists(devtools_l10n_path):↩
logging.error("l10n path is invalid: {%s}" % devtools_l10n_path)↩
exit()↩"l10n path is valid: {%s}" % devtools_l10n_path)↩
# Retrieve configuration files to apply.↩
if os.path.isdir(args.config):↩
conf_files = glob.glob(args.config + "*")↩
elif os.path.isfile(args.config):↩
conf_files = [args.config]↩
logging.error("config path is invalid: {%s}" % args.config)↩
# Perform migration for each configuration file.↩
for conf_file in conf_files:↩"performing migration for config file: {%s}" % conf_file)↩
migrate_conf(conf_file, devtools_l10n_path)↩
if __name__ == "__main__":↩