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* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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include protocol PNecko;
namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
// This protocol provides a mechanism for the "child intercept" mode of
// ServiceWorker operation to work correctly with Classified channels.
// ServiceWorkers should not be allowed for third-party iframes which are
// annotated as tracking origins.
// In child intercept mode, the decision to intercept a channel is made in the
// child process without consulting the parent process. The decision is based
// on whether there is a ServiceWorker with a scope covering the URL in question
// and whether storage is allowed for the origin/URL. When the
// "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" preference is set to BEHAVIOR_REJECT_TRACKER,
// annotated channels are denied storage which means that the ServiceWorker
// should not intercept the channel. However, the decision for tracking
// protection to annotate a channel only occurs in the parent process. The
// dummy channel is a hack to allow the intercept decision process to ask the
// parent process if the channel should be annotated. Because this round-trip
// to the parent has overhead, the dummy channel is only created 1) if the
// ServiceWorker initially determines that the channel should be intercepted and
// 2) it's a navigation request.
// This hack can be removed once Bug 1231208's new "parent intercept" mechanism
// fully lands, the pref is enabled by default it stays enabled for long enough
// to be confident we will never need/want to turn it off. Then as part of bug
// 1496997 we can remove this implementation. Bug 1498259 covers removing this
// hack in particular.
protocol PClassifierDummyChannel
manager PNecko;
async __delete__(uint32_t aClassificationFlags);
} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla