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* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"
namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
class ChannelDiverterChild;
[ptr] native ChannelDiverterChild(mozilla::net::ChannelDiverterChild);
interface nsIStreamListener;
* A channel implementing this interface allows diverting from an
* nsIStreamListener in the child process to one in the parent.
interface nsIDivertableChannel : nsISupports
* Called by Necko client in child process during OnStartRequest to divert
* nsIStreamListener and nsIRequest callbacks to the parent process.
* The process should look like the following:
* 1) divertToParent is called in the child process. It can only be called
* during OnStartRequest().
* 2) The ChannelDiverterChild that is returned is an IPDL object. It should
* be passed via some other IPDL method of the client's choosing to the
* parent. On the parent the ChannelDiverterParent's divertTo() function
* should be called with an nsIStreamListener that will then receive the
* OnStartRequest/OnDataAvailable/OnStopRequest for the channel. The
* ChannelDiverterParent can then be deleted (which will also destroy the
* ChannelDiverterChild in the child).
* After divertToParent() has been called, NO further function calls
* should be made on the channel. It is a dead object for all purposes.
* The reference that the channel holds to the listener in the child is
* released is once OnStartRequest completes, and no other
* nsIStreamListener calls (OnDataAvailable, OnStopRequest) will be made
* to it.
* @return ChannelDiverterChild IPDL actor to be passed to parent process by
* client IPDL message, e.g. PClient.DivertUsing(PDiverterChild).
* @throws exception if the channel was canceled early. Throws status code of
* canceled channel.
ChannelDiverterChild divertToParent();
* nsUnknownDecoder delays calling OnStartRequest until it gets enough data
* to decide about the content type (until OnDataAvaiable is called). In a
* OnStartRequest DivertToParent can be called but some OnDataAvailables are
* already called and therefore can not be diverted to parent.
* nsUnknownDecoder will call UnknownDecoderInvolvedKeepData in its
* OnStartRequest function and when it calls OnStartRequest of the next
* listener it will call UnknownDecoderInvolvedOnStartRequestCalled. In this
* function Child process will decide to discarge data if it is not diverting
* to parent or keep them if it is diverting to parent.
void unknownDecoderInvolvedKeepData();
void unknownDecoderInvolvedOnStartRequestCalled();
readonly attribute bool divertingToParent;