Name Description Size
ContentDelegateChild.jsm 5638
ContentDelegateParent.jsm 1079
GeckoViewAutoFillChild.jsm Process an auto-fillable form and send the relevant details of the form to Java. Multiple calls within a short time period for the same form are coalesced, so that, e.g., if multiple inputs are added to a form in succession, we will only perform one processing pass. Note that for inputs without forms, FormLikeFactory treats the document as the "form", but there is no difference in how we process them. @param aFormLike A FormLike object produced by FormLikeFactory. 12193
GeckoViewAutoFillParent.jsm 2429
GeckoViewClipboardPermissionChild.jsm 2933
GeckoViewClipboardPermissionParent.jsm 1369
GeckoViewContentChild.jsm 11213
GeckoViewContentParent.jsm 3103
GeckoViewFormValidationChild.jsm 804
GeckoViewPermissionChild.jsm 3663
GeckoViewPermissionParent.jsm granted 2071
GeckoViewPermissionProcessChild.jsm ---------- nsIObserver ---------- 5855
GeckoViewPermissionProcessParent.jsm 2235
GeckoViewPrintDelegateChild.jsm 449
GeckoViewPrintDelegateParent.jsm 1127
GeckoViewPromptChild.jsm 974
GeckoViewPrompterChild.jsm Handles the message coming from GeckoViewPrompterParent. @param {string} The subject of the message. @param {object} The data of the message. 2610
GeckoViewPrompterParent.jsm Handles the message coming from GeckoViewPrompterChild. @param {string} The subject of the message. @param {object} The data of the message. 3914
GeckoViewSettingsChild.jsm 949
LoadURIDelegateChild.jsm 1383
LoadURIDelegateParent.jsm 493
MediaControlDelegateChild.jsm 1518
MediaControlDelegateParent.jsm 503 1354
ProgressDelegateChild.jsm 1081
ProgressDelegateParent.jsm 456
ScrollDelegateChild.jsm 1054
ScrollDelegateParent.jsm 491
SelectionActionDelegateChild.jsm 13247
SelectionActionDelegateParent.jsm 2116