Name Description Size
endian_inl.h 3634
vpx_debug_util.c 9000
vpx_debug_util.h This is a debug tool used to detect bitstream error. On encoder side, it pushes each bit and probability into a queue before the bit is written into the Arithmetic coder. On decoder side, whenever a bit is read out from the Arithmetic coder, it pops out the reference bit and probability from the queue as well. If the two results do not match, this debug tool will report an error. This tool can be used to pin down the bitstream error precisely. By combining gdb's backtrace method, we can detect which module causes the bitstream error. 2874
vpx_thread.c 5438
vpx_thread.h bAlertable 14029
vpx_timestamp.h 1177 845
vpx_write_yuv_frame.c 1166
vpx_write_yuv_frame.h 752