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diff --git a/vp8/encoder/block.h b/vp8/encoder/block.h
--- a/vp8/encoder/block.h
+++ b/vp8/encoder/block.h
@@ -87,17 +87,18 @@ typedef struct macroblock {
int rddiv;
int rdmult;
unsigned int *mb_activity_ptr;
int *mb_norm_activity_ptr;
signed int act_zbin_adj;
signed int last_act_zbin_adj;
int *mvcost[2];
- int *mvsadcost[2];
+ /* MSVC generates code that thinks this is 16-byte aligned */
+ DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, int*, mvsadcost[2]);
int (*mbmode_cost)[MB_MODE_COUNT];
int (*intra_uv_mode_cost)[MB_MODE_COUNT];
int (*bmode_costs)[10][10];
int *inter_bmode_costs;
/* These define limits to motion vector components to prevent
* them from extending outside the UMV borders.