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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Open Type MATH - stretchy operator</title>
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<style type="text/css">
@font-face {
font-family: stretchy;
src: url(../fonts/math/stretchy.otf);
math {
font-family: stretchy;
font-size: 10px;
hstretchy = [
0x219C, # leftwards wave arrow
0x219D, # rightwards wave arrow
0x219E, # leftwards two headed arrow
0x21A0, # rightwards two headed arrow
0x21A2 # leftwards arrow with tail
vstretchy = [
0x219F, # upwards two headed arrow
0x21A1, # downwards two headed arrow
0x21A5, # upwards arrow from bar
0x21A7, # downwards arrow from bar
0x21A8 # up down arrow with base
hstretchy[0] and vstretchy[0] have all the variants and the components. The others only have one of them.
<mstyle scriptsizemultiplier="1">
<mover><mo stretchy="true">&#x219C;</mo><mspace width="1em" height="1px" mathbackground="red"/></mover>
<mover><mo stretchy="true">&#x219C;</mo><mspace width="2em" height="1px" mathbackground="red"/></mover>
<mover><mo stretchy="true">&#x219C;</mo><mspace width="3em" height="1px" mathbackground="red"/></mover>
<mover><mo stretchy="true">&#x219C;</mo><mspace width="15em" height="1px" mathbackground="red"/></mover>
<math><mrow><mo symmetric="false" stretchy="true" minsize="1em">&#x219F;</mo></mrow></math>
<math><mrow><mo symmetric="false" stretchy="true" minsize="2em">&#x219F;</mo></mrow></math>
<math><mrow><mo symmetric="false" stretchy="true" minsize="3em">&#x219F;</mo></mrow></math>
<math><mrow><mo symmetric="false" stretchy="true" minsize="15em">&#x219F;</mo></mrow></math>
DisplayOperatorMinHeight = 8em
largeop = [0x2A1B, 0x2A1C] # integral with overbar/underbar
largeop[0] has variants of size 7, 8, 9em
largeop[1] has one variant of size 8em.
<math displaystyle="true">