Name Description Size
AutoMemMap.cpp 3949
AutoMemMap.h 2816
ChromeScriptLoader.cpp 11723
ComponentModuleLoader.cpp is top level 8944
ComponentModuleLoader.h 3980
ComponentUtils.jsm Deprecated utilities for JavaScript components loaded by the JS component loader. 1089
IOBuffers.h 3373
JSMEnvironmentProxy.cpp 9219
JSMEnvironmentProxy.h 1209
ModuleEnvironmentProxy.cpp 7830
ModuleEnvironmentProxy.h 1129 1445
mozJSLoaderUtils.cpp 2404
mozJSLoaderUtils.h mozJSLoaderUtils_h 1067
mozJSModuleLoader.cpp Buffer sizes for serialization and deserialization of scripts. FIXME: bug #411579 (tune this macro!) Last updated: Jan 2008 59961
mozJSModuleLoader.h 9424
mozJSSubScriptLoader.cpp load() error msgs, XXX localize? 15837
mozJSSubScriptLoader.h 829814d6-1dd2-11b2-8e08-82fa0a339b00 1813
nsImportModule.cpp 3602
nsImportModule.h These helpers make it considerably easier for C++ code to import a JS module and wrap it in an appropriately-defined XPIDL interface for its exports. Typical usage is something like: Foo.jsm: var EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["foo"]; function foo(bar) { return bar.toString(); } mozIFoo.idl: interface mozIFoo : nsISupports { AString foo(double meh); } Thing.cpp: nsCOMPtr<mozIFoo> foo = do_ImportModule( "resource://meh/Foo.jsm"); MOZ_TRY(foo->Foo(42)); For JS modules which export all fields within a single named object, a second argument can be passed naming that object. Foo.jsm: var EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["Foo"]; var Foo = { function foo(bar) { return bar.toString(); } }; Thing.cpp: nsCOMPtr<mozIFoo> foo = do_ImportModule( "resource:://meh/Foo.jsm", "Foo"); 6859
PrecompiledScript.h 1862
PScriptCache.ipdl 1005 Usage: <file.bin> ... Decodes and prints out the contents of a startup script cache file (e.g., startupCache/scriptCache.bin) in human-readable form. 2479
ScriptCacheActors.cpp 2847
ScriptCacheActors.h 1462
ScriptPreloader-inl.h 4057
ScriptPreloader.cpp 44072
ScriptPreloader.h 19560
SkipCheckForBrokenURLOrZeroSized.h 791
URLPreloader.cpp 19970
URLPreloader.h A singleton class to manage loading local URLs during startup, recording them, and pre-loading them during early startup in the next session. URLs that are not already loaded (or already being pre-loaded) when required are read synchronously from disk, and (if startup is not already complete) added to the pre-load list for the next session. 10028
XPCOMUtils.sys.mjs Redefines the given property on the given object with the given value. This can be used to redefine getter properties which do not implement setters. 18721