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# Version of this schema
schema: 1
# Bugzilla product and component for this directory and subdirectories
product: Core
component: "JavaScript: WebAssembly"
# Document the source of externally hosted code
# Short name of the package/library
name: intgemm
description: integer matrix multiplication
# Full URL for the package's homepage/etc
# Usually different from repository url
# Human-readable identifier for this version/release
# Generally "version NNN", "tag SSS", "bookmark SSS"
release: commit fc3a614351ce6e667197307d97f45db5265c96af (2022-02-09T14:56:05Z).
# Revision to pull in
# Must be a long or short commit SHA (long preferred)
revision: fc3a614351ce6e667197307d97f45db5265c96af
# The package's license, where possible using the mnemonic from
# Multiple licenses can be specified (as a YAML list)
# A "LICENSE" file must exist containing the full license text
license: MIT
source-hosting: github
vendor-directory: third_party/intgemm
- build/.gitattributes
- build/.gitignore
- action: delete-path
path: '{yaml_dir}/config'