Name Description Size 510
nsCyrillicClass.h PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE DIRECTLY. THIS FILE IS GENERATED BY GenCyrllicClass found in mozilla/intl/chardet/tools 3371
nsCyrillicDetector.cpp 3421
nsCyrillicDetector.h 2478
nsCyrillicProb.h DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE !!! This file is generated by the perl script in mozilla/intl/chardet/tools/ To ues that script, you need to grab file from the "Cyrillic Software Suite" written by John Neystdt. (You can also find it from CPAN) 6982
nsDetectionConfident.h This type is used to indicate how confident the detection module about the return result. eNoAnswerYet is used to indicate that the detector have not find out a answer yet based on the data it received. eBestAnswer is used to indicate that the answer the detector returned is the best one within the knowledge of the detector. In other words, the test to all other candidcates fail. For example, the (Shift_JIS/EUC-JP/ISO-2022-JP) detection module may return this with answer "Shift_JIS "if it receive bytes > 0x80 (which make ISO-2022-JP test failed) and byte 0x82 (which may EUC-JP test failed) eSureAnswer is used to indicate that the detector is 100% sure about the answer. Exmaple 1; the Shift_JIS/ISO-2022-JP/EUC-JP detector return this w/ ISO-2022-JP when it hit one of the following ESC seq ESC ( J ESC $ @ ESC $ B Example 2: the detector which can detect UCS2 return w/ UCS2 when the first 2 byte are BOM mark. Example 3: the Korean detector return ISO-2022-KR when it hit ESC $ ) C 1777
nsICharsetDetectionObserver.h Used to inform answer by nsICharsetDetector 1140
nsICharsetDetector.h Setup the observer so it know how to notify the answer 1708
nsIStringCharsetDetector.h This interface is similar to nsICharsetDetector The difference is it is for line base detection instead of block based detectection. 1502
tools 19