Name Description Size
Cargo.toml 1011
DCLayerTree.cpp static 34680
DCLayerTree.h DCLayerTree manages direct composition layers. It does not manage gecko's layers::Layer. 9476
Moz2DImageRenderer.cpp 15241
README.webrender To build and run WebRender in Gecko: 1871
RenderAndroidHardwareBufferTextureHost.cpp 5468
RenderAndroidHardwareBufferTextureHost.h 1452
RenderAndroidSurfaceTextureHost.cpp 8408
RenderAndroidSurfaceTextureHost.h 2689
RenderBufferTextureHost.cpp 8284
RenderBufferTextureHost.h 2313
RenderCompositor.cpp 9032
RenderCompositor.h 8271
RenderCompositorANGLE.cpp static 33617
RenderCompositorANGLE.h 5427
RenderCompositorD3D11SWGL.cpp 16501
RenderCompositorD3D11SWGL.h 3887
RenderCompositorEGL.cpp static 10018
RenderCompositorEGL.h 2200
RenderCompositorLayersSWGL.cpp 12312
RenderCompositorLayersSWGL.h 6723
RenderCompositorNative.cpp 21724
RenderCompositorNative.h 8113
RenderCompositorOGL.cpp static 3870
RenderCompositorOGL.h 1485
RenderCompositorOGLSWGL.cpp aSurfaceWidth 13959
RenderCompositorOGLSWGL.h 2725
RenderCompositorRecordedFrame.h aZero = 1436
RenderCompositorSWGL.cpp static 10086
RenderCompositorSWGL.h 2436
RenderD3D11TextureHost.cpp 21633
RenderD3D11TextureHost.h 6244
RenderDMABUFTextureHost.cpp 2294
RenderDMABUFTextureHost.h 1347
RenderEGLImageTextureHost.cpp 3465
RenderEGLImageTextureHost.h 1426
RenderExternalTextureHost.cpp 8008
RenderExternalTextureHost.h RenderExternalTextureHost manages external textures used by WebRender on Mac. The motivation for this is to be able to use Apple Client Storage OpenGL extension, which makes it possible to avoid some copies during texture upload. This is especially helpful for high resolution video. 2594
RenderMacIOSurfaceTextureHost.cpp 6247
RenderMacIOSurfaceTextureHost.h 1898
RenderSharedSurfaceTextureHost.cpp 2541
RenderSharedSurfaceTextureHost.h This class allows for surfaces managed by SharedSurfacesParent to be inserted into the render texture cache by wrapping an existing surface wrapper. These surfaces are backed by BGRA/X shared memory buffers. 1786
RenderTextureHost.cpp 2207
RenderTextureHost.h 3356
RenderTextureHostSWGL.cpp 6914
RenderTextureHostSWGL.h 2575
RenderTextureHostWrapper.cpp 3962
RenderTextureHostWrapper.h RenderTextureHost of GPUVideoTextureHost. GPUVideoTextureHost wraps TextureHost. This class wraps RenderTextureHost of the wrapped TextureHost. Lifetime of the wrapped TextureHost is usually longer than GPUVideoTextureHost and the wrapped TextureHost is used by multiple GPUVideoTextureHosts. This class is used to reduce recreations of the wrappded RenderTextureHost. Initializations of some RenderTextureHosts(RenderDXGITextureHost and RenderDXGIYCbCrTextureHost) have overhead. 2467
RenderThread.cpp 38712
RenderThread.h 12571
RendererOGL.cpp aZero = 13993
RendererOGL.h Determine if any content pipelines updated, and update mContentPipelineEpochs. 5266
RendererScreenshotGrabber.cpp 3258
RendererScreenshotGrabber.h Used by |RendererOGL| to grab screenshots from WebRender and submit them to the Gecko profiler. If the profiler is not running or the screenshots feature is disabled, no work will be done. 2808
WebRenderAPI.cpp 64247
WebRenderAPI.h 31343
WebRenderTypes.cpp 2512
WebRenderTypes.h Generate a brand new window id and return it. 25200
cbindgen.toml 1406 3443
rustfmt.toml 295
src 5
webrender_ffi.h 4480