Name Description Size
AutoMaskData.h Drawing with a mask requires a mask surface and a transform. This helper class manages the SourceSurface logic. 1445
BasicCanvasLayer.cpp 2724
BasicCanvasLayer.h 1464
BasicColorLayer.cpp 2596
BasicCompositor.cpp WrappingTextureSourceYCbCrBasic wraps YUV format BufferTextureHost to defer yuv->rgb conversion. The conversion happens when GetSurface is called. 44274
BasicCompositor.h 8735
BasicContainerLayer.cpp If we have a single childand it is not blending,, it can just inherit our opacity, otherwise we need a PushGroup and we need to mark ourselves as using an intermediate surface so our children don't inherit our opacity via GetEffectiveOpacity. Having a mask layer always forces our own push group Having a blend mode also always forces our own push group 6174
BasicContainerLayer.h Returns true when: a) no (non-hidden) childrens' visible areas overlap in (aInRect intersected with this layer's visible region). b) the (non-hidden) childrens' visible areas cover (aInRect intersected with this layer's visible region). c) this layer and all (non-hidden) children have transforms that are translations by integers. aInRect is in the root coordinate system. Child layers with opacity do not contribute to the covered area in check b). This method can be conservative; it's OK to return false under any circumstances. 3590
BasicImageLayer.cpp 3634
BasicImages.cpp 5883
BasicImplData.h This is the ImplData for all Basic layers. It also exposes methods private to the Basic implementation that are common to all Basic layer types. In particular, there is an internal Paint() method that we can use to paint the contents of non-PaintedLayers. The class hierarchy for Basic layers is like this: BasicImplData Layer | | | | | | | +-> ContainerLayer | | | | | | | | | +-> BasicContainerLayer <--+ | | | | | +-> PaintedLayer | | | | | | | +-> BasicPaintedLayer <---------+ | | | +-> ImageLayer | | | +-> BasicImageLayer <--------------+ 4777
BasicLayerManager.cpp Clips to the smallest device-pixel-aligned rectangle containing aRect in user space. Returns true if the clip is "perfect", i.e. we actually clipped exactly to aRect. 36181
BasicLayers.h This is a cairo/Thebes-only, main-thread-only implementation of layers. In each transaction, the client sets up the layer tree and then during the drawing phase, each PaintedLayer is painted directly into the target context (with appropriate clipping and Push/PopGroups performed between layers). 8947
BasicLayersImpl.cpp 7431
BasicLayersImpl.h Extract a mask surface for a mask layer Returns true and through outparams a surface for the mask layer if a mask layer is present and has a valid surface and transform; false otherwise. The transform for the layer will be put in aMaskData 5664
BasicPaintedLayer.cpp 8618
BasicPaintedLayer.h 4595
MacIOSurfaceTextureHostBasic.cpp 2769
MacIOSurfaceTextureHostBasic.h A texture source meant for use with BasicCompositor. It does not own any GL texture, and attaches its shared handle to one of the compositor's temporary textures when binding. 2656
TextureClientX11.cpp 4383
TextureClientX11.h 1892
TextureHostBasic.cpp 1152
TextureHostBasic.h A texture source interface that can be used by the software Compositor. 1334
X11BasicCompositor.cpp 4006
X11TextureSourceBasic.cpp 1572
X11TextureSourceBasic.h 1593