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builtin 12
crashtests 43 1394
nsBindingManager.cpp 29173
nsBindingManager.h Notify the binding manager that an element has been removed from its document, so that it can update any bindings or nsIAnonymousContentCreator-created anonymous content that may depend on the document. @param aContent the element that's being moved @param aOldDocument the old document in which the content resided. @param aDestructorHandling whether or not to run the possible XBL destructor. 7707
nsXBLBinding.cpp 37463
nsXBLBinding.h XBLBindings are refcounted. They are held onto in 3 ways: 1. The binding manager's binding table holds onto all bindings that are currently attached to a content node. 2. Bindings hold onto their base binding. This is important since the base binding itself may not be attached to anything. 3. The binding manager holds an additional reference to bindings which are queued to fire their constructors. 6350
nsXBLContentSink.cpp 28139
nsXBLContentSink.h Enum that describes the primary state of the parsing process 5091
nsXBLDocumentInfo.cpp Implementation file 10089
nsXBLDocumentInfo.h 2334
nsXBLEventHandler.cpp 5299
nsXBLEventHandler.h 2667
nsXBLMaybeCompiled.h A union containing either a pointer representing uncompiled source or a JSObject* representing the compiled result. The class is templated on the source object type. The purpose of abstracting this as a separate class is to allow it to be wrapped in a JS::Heap<T> to correctly handle post-barriering of the JSObject pointer, when present. No implementation of rootKind() is provided, which prevents Root<nsXBLMaybeCompiled<UncompiledT>> from being used. 4696
nsXBLProtoImpl.cpp 18022
nsXBLProtoImpl.h 3914
nsXBLProtoImplField.cpp 17300
nsXBLProtoImplField.h 1880
nsXBLProtoImplMember.h 2991
nsXBLProtoImplMethod.cpp 10201
nsXBLProtoImplMethod.h 4109
nsXBLProtoImplProperty.cpp 11119
nsXBLProtoImplProperty.h 2282
nsXBLPrototypeBinding.cpp 42918
nsXBLPrototypeBinding.h 12310
nsXBLPrototypeHandler.cpp 34330
nsXBLPrototypeHandler.h Try and convert this XBL handler into an APZ KeyboardShortcut for handling key events on the compositor thread. This only works for XBL handlers that represent scroll commands. @param aOut the converted KeyboardShortcut, must be non null @return whether the handler was converted into a KeyboardShortcut 9486
nsXBLSerialize.cpp 1171
nsXBLSerialize.h 3537
nsXBLService.cpp Header file 36414
nsXBLService.h This method calls the one below with an empty |aDontExtendURIs| array. 4751
nsXBLWindowKeyHandler.cpp 25734
nsXBLWindowKeyHandler.h GetElementForHandler() retrieves an element for the handler. The element may be a command element or a key element. @param aHandler The handler. @param aElementForHandler Must not be nullptr. The element is returned to this. @return true if the handler is valid. Otherwise, false. 4819
test 50
XBLChildrenElement.cpp 5382
XBLChildrenElement.h 5000