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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
* You can obtain one at */
interface ContentSecurityPolicy;
interface Principal;
interface URI;
interface InputStream;
interface ReferrerInfo;
* This dictionary holds load arguments for docshell loads.
dictionary LoadURIOptions {
* The principal that initiated the load.
Principal? triggeringPrincipal = null;
* The CSP to be used for the load. That is *not* the CSP that will
* be applied to subresource loads within that document but the CSP
* for the document load itself. E.g. if that CSP includes
* upgrade-insecure-requests, then the new top-level load will
* be upgraded to HTTPS.
ContentSecurityPolicy? csp = null;
* Flags modifying load behaviour. This parameter is a bitwise
* combination of the load flags defined in nsIWebNavigation.idl.
long loadFlags = 0;
* The referring info of the load. If this argument is null, then the
* referrer URI and referrer policy will be inferred internally.
ReferrerInfo? referrerInfo = null;
* If the URI to be loaded corresponds to a HTTP request, then this stream is
* appended directly to the HTTP request headers. It may be prefixed
* with additional HTTP headers. This stream must contain a "\r\n"
* sequence separating any HTTP headers from the HTTP request body.
InputStream? postData = null;
* If the URI corresponds to a HTTP request, then any HTTP headers
* contained in this stream are set on the HTTP request. The HTTP
* header stream is formatted as:
* ( HEADER "\r\n" )*
InputStream? headers = null;
* Set to indicate a base URI to be associated with the load. Note
* that at present this argument is only used with view-source aURIs
* and cannot be used to resolve aURI.
URI? baseURI = null;
* Set to indicate that the URI to be loaded was triggered by a user
* action. (Mostly used in the context of Sec-Fetch-User).
boolean hasValidUserGestureActivation = false;
* The SandboxFlags of the entity thats
* responsible for causing the load.
unsigned long triggeringSandboxFlags = 0;
* If non-0, a value to pass to nsIDocShell::setCancelContentJSEpoch
* when initiating the load.
long cancelContentJSEpoch = 0;
* If this is passed, it will control which remote type is used to finish this
* load. Ignored for non-`about:` loads.
* NOTE: This is _NOT_ defaulted to `null`, as `null` is the value for
* `NOT_REMOTE_TYPE`, and we need to determine the difference between no
* `remoteTypeOverride` and a `remoteTypeOverride` of `NOT_REMOTE_TYPE`.
UTF8String? remoteTypeOverride;