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// This is a sjs file which reads in frameStoragePrevented.html, and writes it out as a data: URI, which this page redirects to.
// This produces a URI with the null principal, which should be unable to access storage.
// We append the #nullprincipal hash to the end of the data: URI to tell the script that it shouldn't try to spawn a webworker,
// as it won't be allowed to, as it has a null principal.
function handleRequest(request, response) {
// Get the nsIFile for frameStoragePrevented.html
var file;
getObjectState("SERVER_ROOT", function(serverRoot) {
file = serverRoot.getFile(
// Set up the file streams to read in the file as UTF-8
let fstream = Components.classes[
fstream.init(file, -1, 0, 0);
let cstream = Components.classes[
cstream.init(fstream, "UTF-8", 0, 0);
// Read in the file, and concatenate it onto the data string
let data = "";
let str = {};
let read = 0;
do {
read = cstream.readString(0xffffffff, str);
data += str.value;
} while (read != 0);
// Write out the file as a data: URI, and redirect to it
response.setStatusLine("1.1", 302, "Found");
"data:text/html," + encodeURIComponent(data) + "#nullprincipal"