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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
include "GMPMessageUtils.h";
using cdm::EncryptionScheme from "GMPSanitizedExports.h";
using GMPBufferType from "gmp-video-codec.h";
namespace mozilla {
namespace gmp {
// GMP processes are associated with a specific node ID, so all GMP requests
// which have the same node ID will use the same GMP process. Depending on the
// use case, the node ID may be represented by a string (such as when used for
// WebRTC) or by this structure, which is populated according to the origin
// initiating the request. This structure will eventually be converted to a
// string representing a node ID. For this structure, the process ensures the
// strings are unique for the combination of origin, top level origin and GMP
// name.
struct NodeIdParts {
nsString mOrigin;
nsString mTopLevelOrigin;
nsString mGMPName;
// A NodeIdVariant should contain either
// - A string representing an already computed node ID.
// - A NodeIdParts representing a node ID that still needs to be computed by
// processing those parts.
// This union is used to simplify passing of node ID information. Some
// GMP use cases can hard code their node ID, while others need to compute
// the node ID later. This lets us avoid having overloads to handle
// the two different paths.
union NodeIdVariant {
struct GMPVideoEncodedFrameData {
uint32_t mEncodedWidth;
uint32_t mEncodedHeight;
uint64_t mTimestamp; // microseconds
uint64_t mDuration; // microseconds
uint32_t mFrameType;
uint32_t mSize;
GMPBufferType mBufferType;
Shmem mBuffer;
bool mCompleteFrame;
struct GMPPlaneData {
int32_t mSize;
int32_t mStride;
Shmem mBuffer;
struct GMPVideoi420FrameData {
GMPPlaneData mYPlane;
GMPPlaneData mUPlane;
GMPPlaneData mVPlane;
int32_t mWidth;
int32_t mHeight;
uint64_t mTimestamp; // microseconds
uint64_t mDuration; // microseconds
struct CDMInputBuffer {
Shmem mData;
uint8_t[] mKeyId;
uint8_t[] mIV;
int64_t mTimestamp;
int64_t mDuration;
uint32_t[] mClearBytes;
uint32_t[] mCipherBytes;
uint8_t mCryptByteBlock;
uint8_t mSkipByteBlock;
EncryptionScheme mEncryptionScheme;
struct CDMVideoDecoderConfig {
uint32_t mCodec;
uint32_t mProfile;
uint32_t mFormat;
int32_t mImageWidth;
int32_t mImageHeight;
uint8_t[] mExtraData;
EncryptionScheme mEncryptionScheme;
struct CDMKeyInformation {
uint8_t[] mKeyId;
uint32_t mStatus;
uint32_t mSystemCode;
struct CDMVideoPlane {
uint32_t mPlaneOffset;
uint32_t mStride;
struct CDMVideoFrame {
uint32_t mFormat;
int32_t mImageWidth;
int32_t mImageHeight;
CDMVideoPlane mYPlane;
CDMVideoPlane mUPlane;
CDMVideoPlane mVPlane;
int64_t mTimestamp;
int64_t mDuration;
} // namespace gmp
} // namespace mozilla