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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim:set ts=2 sw=2 sts=2 et cindent: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "DecoderDoctorLogger.h"
#include "DDLogUtils.h"
#include "DDMediaLogs.h"
#include "mozilla/ClearOnShutdown.h"
#include "mozilla/SchedulerGroup.h"
#include "mozilla/Unused.h"
namespace mozilla {
/* static */ Atomic<DecoderDoctorLogger::LogState, ReleaseAcquire>
/* static */ const char* DecoderDoctorLogger::sShutdownReason = nullptr;
static DDMediaLogs* sMediaLogs;
/* static */
void DecoderDoctorLogger::Init() {
MOZ_ASSERT(static_cast<LogState>(sLogState) == scDisabled);
if (MOZ_LOG_TEST(sDecoderDoctorLoggerLog, LogLevel::Error) ||
MOZ_LOG_TEST(sDecoderDoctorLoggerEndLog, LogLevel::Error)) {
// First DDLogShutdowner sets sLogState to scShutdown, to prevent further
// logging.
struct DDLogShutdowner {
~DDLogShutdowner() {
DDL_INFO("Shutting down");
// Prevent further logging, some may racily seep in, it's fine as the
// logging infrastructure would still be alive until DDLogDeleter runs.
static UniquePtr<DDLogShutdowner> sDDLogShutdowner;
// Later DDLogDeleter will delete the message queue and media logs.
struct DDLogDeleter {
~DDLogDeleter() {
if (sMediaLogs) {
DDL_INFO("Final processing of collected logs");
delete sMediaLogs;
sMediaLogs = nullptr;
static UniquePtr<DDLogDeleter> sDDLogDeleter;
/* static */
void DecoderDoctorLogger::PanicInternal(const char* aReason, bool aDontBlock) {
for (;;) {
const LogState state = static_cast<LogState>(sLogState);
if (state == scEnabling && !aDontBlock) {
// Wait for the end of the enabling process (unless we're in it, in which
// case we don't want to block.)
if (state == scShutdown) {
// Already shutdown, nothing more to do.
if (sLogState.compareExchange(state, scShutdown)) {
// We are the one performing the first shutdown -> Record reason.
sShutdownReason = aReason;
// Free as much memory as possible.
if (sMediaLogs) {
// Shutdown the medialogs processing thread, and free as much memory
// as possible.
// sMediaLogs and sQueue will be deleted by DDLogDeleter.
// We don't want to delete them right now, because there could be a race
// where another thread started logging or retrieving logs before we
// changed the state to scShutdown, but has been delayed before actually
// trying to write or read log messages, thereby causing a UAF.
// If someone else changed the state, we'll just loop around, and either
// shutdown already happened elsewhere, or we'll try to shutdown again.
/* static */
bool DecoderDoctorLogger::EnsureLogIsEnabled() {
// Just refuse to enable DDLogger on release&beta because it makes it too easy
// to trigger an OOM. See bug 1571648.
return false;
for (;;) {
LogState state = static_cast<LogState>(sLogState);
switch (state) {
case scDisabled:
// Currently disabled, try to be the one to enable.
if (sLogState.compareExchange(scDisabled, scEnabling)) {
// We are the one to enable logging, state won't change (except for
// possible shutdown.)
// Create DDMediaLogs singleton, which will process the message queue.
DDMediaLogs::ConstructionResult mediaLogsConstruction =
if (NS_FAILED(mediaLogsConstruction.mRv)) {
PanicInternal("Failed to enable logging", /* aDontBlock */ true);
return false;
sMediaLogs = mediaLogsConstruction.mMediaLogs;
// Setup shutdown-time clean-up.
NS_NewRunnableFunction("DDLogger shutdown setup", [] {
sDDLogShutdowner = MakeUnique<DDLogShutdowner>();
sDDLogDeleter = MakeUnique<DDLogDeleter>();
// Nobody else should change the state when *we* are enabling logging.
MOZ_ASSERT(sLogState == scEnabling);
sLogState = scEnabled;
DDL_INFO("Logging enabled");
return true;
// Someone else changed the state before our compareExchange, just loop
// around to examine the new situation.
case scEnabled:
return true;
case scEnabling:
// Someone else is currently enabling logging, actively wait by just
// looping, until the state changes.
case scShutdown:
// Shutdown is non-recoverable, we cannot enable logging again.
return false;
// Not returned yet, loop around to examine the new situation.
/* static */
void DecoderDoctorLogger::EnableLogging() { Unused << EnsureLogIsEnabled(); }
/* static */ RefPtr<DecoderDoctorLogger::LogMessagesPromise>
const dom::HTMLMediaElement* aMediaElement) {
if (MOZ_UNLIKELY(!EnsureLogIsEnabled())) {
DDL_WARN("Request (for %p) but there are no logs", aMediaElement);
return DecoderDoctorLogger::LogMessagesPromise::CreateAndReject(
return sMediaLogs->RetrieveMessages(aMediaElement);
/* static */
void DecoderDoctorLogger::Log(const char* aSubjectTypeName,
const void* aSubjectPointer,
DDLogCategory aCategory, const char* aLabel,
DDLogValue&& aValue) {
if (IsDDLoggingEnabled()) {
sMediaLogs->Log(aSubjectTypeName, aSubjectPointer, aCategory, aLabel,
} // namespace mozilla