Name Description Size
BrowserElementChild.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 2326
BrowserElementChildPreload.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 39961
BrowserElementCopyPaste.js global addMessageListener global removeMessageListener global docShell global content global sendAsyncMsg 3730
BrowserElementParent.cpp Create an <iframe mozbrowser> owned by the same document as aOpenerFrameElement. 10500
BrowserElementParent.h BrowserElementParent implements a portion of the parent-process side of <iframe mozbrowser>. Most of the parent-process side of <iframe mozbrowser> is implemented in BrowserElementParent.js. This file implements the few parts of this functionality which must be written in C++. We don't communicate with the JS code that lives in BrowserElementParent.js; the JS and C++ parts are completely separate. 4659
BrowserElementParent.jsm BrowserElementParent injects script to listen for certain events in the child. We then listen to messages from the child script and take appropriate action here in the parent. 19788
BrowserElementPromptService.jsm 21533
components.conf 554
mochitest 201 1029
nsIBrowserElementAPI.idl Interface to the BrowserElementParent implementation. All methods but setFrameLoader throw when the remote process is dead. 1440